Pallas's cat hunting and raccoon tricks: New videos with zoo residents via #Moscowwithyou

November 23, 2020

Lynxes hiding from the rain, a manul hunting, raccoons dealing with a package, all this and much more can be watched via #Moscowwithyou media platform launched by the Moscow City Tourism Committee. Videos about the life of animals and birds at the Moscow Zoo have been uploaded there, including those that were filmed in enclosures.

The heroes of these videos were ground hornbills, a family of lynxes, a Pallas's cat, a company of raccoons, a black antelope and its miniature friends, dikdik antelopes.

The videos captured various moments in the life of wild animals and birds. For example, a zoo keeper looking after the inhabitants entertains ground hornbills with a pumpkin that these birds find rather tasty.

In other videos, lynxes hide from bad weather, a Pallas's cat hunts for its own lunch, raccoons try to remove a package from a tree, and a black antelope is visited by its relatives, small dikdik antelopes.

The collection of videos from the Moscow Zoo is regularly updated. Workers look through the recordings and edit small stories from them with the most interesting moments.

#Moscowwithyou is a special online project launched by the Moscow Tourism Committee together with the city's cultural sites in March 2020. At москвастобой.рф, people can make online tours, listen to lectures, and watch theatrical performances, cooking programmes, fashion shows and many other things.

The Moscow Zoo is the oldest in Russia. Its collection includes more than 1,200 species of creatures, many of which are recognised as rare and endangered in the wild. The Moscow Zoo is trying to preserve and increase its population.


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