Over 540 people have donated plasma to help COVID-19 patients

May 21, 2020

Over 540 people have already donated convalescent plasma for new COVID-19 patients in Moscow.

The transfusion of COVREC blood plasma (plasma with antibodies to the new coronavirus infection) is a potentially effective method of treating the novel coronavirus, experts from the clinical committee of the Moscow Healthcare Department explained.

As of today, 340 COVID-19 patients have had a transfusion of donor plasma, primarily those who are in a critical condition.

There is a hotline city residents who have recovered from the coronavirus can phone if they would like to become plasma donors. The staff at the call centre have noted that the number of those who want to help people who are in hospital is on the rise: some 1,500 callers said that they are ready to donate their plasma and over 600 of them have signed up for the procedure. The telephone number of the call centre, which works from 9 am to 7 pm every day, is +7 (495) 870 4516.

The donors should comply with a number of requirements aimed at minimising the risks for the donors and increasing the effectiveness of the transfusion. Only plasma with a high content of antibodies to the COVID-19 virus is any good for the patients, which is why specialists assess the potential donors’ health to see if they have sufficiently recovered to donate their plasma. Doctors analyse their medical history and the course of the disease before taking a decision to collect their plasma.

Anybody aged between 18 to 55 who has recovered from COVID-19 and does not suffer from some chronic disease can be a blood plasma donor. The donor must also test negative for HIV as well as hepatitis B and C. According to a resolution signed by Sergei Sobyanin, donors of COVREC blood plasma will receive incentive payments of RUB 5,000 for 600 ml of plasma.

Plasma can be donated at four facilities: Gavrilov Blood Centre (31 Bakinskaya Street), Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine (3 Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square, Block12), City Clinical Hospital No.52 (3 Pekhotnaya Street, Block 1), and Konchalovsky City Clinical Hospital (Zelenograd, 2 Kashtanovaya Alley, Block 1).

Source: mos.ru

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