Over 5,000 daily remote consultations for COVID-19 patients

February 3

Doctors at the Moscow telemedicine centre hold about 5,000 daily consultations with patients who are being treated at home for COVID-19. They work 24/7 and use video and audio calls to communicate with patients.

“The telemedicine centre was promptly established in the spring on the Moscow healthcare digital platform. Today doctors have an average of about 5,000 daily consultations. If symptoms are detected, specialists decide whether a face-to-face examination or hospitalisation are required. Telemedicine has made it possible to solve two key tasks: to ensure constant monitoring of a patient’s condition and to reduce the work of outpatient departments, avoiding overloading the system,” the press service of the Moscow social development complex said.

After examining the patients and running all the necessary tests, paramedics or doctors at polyclinics decide whether the patient needs to go to hospital or can be treated at home. In the latter case, patients with COVID-19 are observed by doctors at the telemedicine centre and polyclinic. If their health deteriorates, doctors decide to examine the patient in person at home or to provide emergency medical care. Moreover, the centre’s doctors are monitoring the health of the city residents who are participating in the post-registration study of the coronavirus vaccine.

The telemedicine centre opened in March 2020. Today there are about 200 specialist doctors who have had additional training to treat patients with the novel coronavirus infection.

Source: mos.ru

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