Over 400,000 flu jabs given to Moscow residents at mobile points

November 5

Mobile points have finished giving people flu jabs in Moscow. More than 400,000 people were vaccinated. Twice as many as a year ago, according to Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.

"Mobile flu vaccination points were operating in Moscow from 1 September to 31 October. Twice as many people as last year, over 400,000, got flu jabs at such places. The growing popularity of such points indicated that people found them rather convenient. It took just15 minutes to have a jab and some did this on their way to work. At the same time the figure shows that more and more city residents are understanding how important it is to get vaccinated, especially taking into account the current epidemiological situation. That the mobile points have completed their work does not mean the end of the vaccination campaign at all. People can still get flu jabs at outpatient clinics and also at two public service centres,” said Anastasia Rakova.

About 50 mobile flu jab points were situated near places like shopping centres and public transport stops: the Metro, MCC and commuter train stations. 390,000 people were vaccinated and over 10,000 went to My Documents centres to do this.

There were more than 1,900 volunteers at the mobile points helping medical workers. Over a period of two months these helpers also explained to people how important it was to have flu jabs. They did 30,000 hour’s work. My Career job centres recruited, trained and coordinated the volunteers. The volunteer corps was formed online: people aged between 18 and 50 could register via the I am at Home portal. The majority of the volunteers were students from Moscow medical colleges and universities. All of them were trained remotely and took a brief test on the specifics of vaccinations. After that the volunteers were distributed over Moscow districts and got acquainted with the project team leaders. Three volunteers or more were on duty at each mobile point.

Vaccinations are the most effective and safe method of protection against the flu and its complications. The effect is produced in between 10 to 15 days and lasts for about a year. Doctors warn that people should protect themselves in advance, before the influenza  season begins.

Experts point out that flu vaccines contain no live virus and therefore cannot bring about the illness. Moscow has not had a single registered case of anyone with any serious complications among people who had flu jabs over recent years.

Flu jabs are still available at outpatient clinics and  My Documents public service centres in the districts of Maryino and Arbat.

Source: mos.ru

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