Over 33,000 coronavirus patients treated at Moscow reserve hospitals

January 23

Reserve hospitals for coronavirus cases have been admitting people in Moscow for the past 2.5 months. Over 33,000 patients have been treated in them since early October.

Each bed in a hospital is permanently equipped with oxygen and a medical gas distribution system, regardless of the condition of a patient. The five reserve hospitals can jointly accommodate over 7,000 people, including 500 in ICU and 208 in resuscitation departments.

The reserve hospitals are full-scale infectious disease clinics. They meet all modern standards and are fitted with the necessary equipment such as portable X-ray devices and CT technology. These clinics are part of the city hospital network and ambulance dispatchers can monitor where beds are free online. There are sanitation zones and disinfection gates, as well as examination rooms, staff rooms, oxygen delivery devices, plus storage facilities for medical equipment and PPE.

Moscow has five reserve hospitals for COVID-19 patients: at the Klylatskoye Ice Palace, the Sokolniki exhibition centre, the Moskva car dealership centre and Pavilion No. 75 at VDNKh, plus one at the Kommunarka medical complex. They are managed by City Hospital No. 67, Inozemtsev City Hospital, Yudin City Hospital and City Hospital No. 24.

The reserve hospitals were built and prepared for providing specialised medical care in April 2020 to prevent the need to readjust Moscow clinics for COVID-19 patients and to preserve the volume of planned medical assistance.

Source: mos.ru

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