Over 30 world cities will take part in the International Olympiad of Metropolises this year

December 22, 2020

The Fifth International Olympiad of Metropolises has started in Moscow. Teams from over 30 cities representing 28 countries will take part. Young people from Mexico City, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sukhum, Sarajevo and Osh will participate for the first time. The competition will run until 22 December in a distributed format. The teams will carry out tasks without leaving their cities. Each city will arrange a location where video recording can be conducted.

School students, 14 to 18, from the largest world cities will demonstrate their competence in math, computer skills, chemistry and physics. Teams of up to eight members will represent each city, two for each subject. Prize winners from international competitions take part in the Olympiad every year.

An interdisciplinary blitz tournament will open the competition. The teams will be simultaneously carryout tasks in math, computer science, chemistry and physics for two hours. In total, they will have to answer 80 questions, 20 in each subject. The level of complexity of the problems corresponds to the final school exams in the participating countries. The blitz tournament is a brain warm-up before the main rounds, and the outcome is not part of the final results.

The main rounds will run on 17 and 19 December. In physics and chemistry, one round will be theoretical and the other practical. In math and computer science, both rounds involve carrying out tasks. The tasks correspond to the level and format of traditional international competitions. The rules for the practical round in physics have changed this year. The organisers have prepared a video with an experiment for the students to watch and answer questions on.

The closing ceremony of the Olympiad of Metropolises will also be held online. The winners and runners-up will be announced at the ceremony.

The Olympiad of Metropolises was organised by the Moscow Mayor in 2016. Last year, the teams from Moscow, Shanghai and St Petersburg won the team competition. In total, school teams from 45 cities in 32 countries took part in the competition last year.

Detailed information and the programme of events are available at the official Olympiad website.

Source: mos.ru

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