Over 2,000 medical students work in coronavirus hospitals

May 20

Over 2,000 Moscow medical students have started working in hospitals treating patients with the coronavirus. Most of them have opted to take up fulltime employment rather than to be paid interns. They have the same rota as a doctor and a similar pattern of free time. They are also eligible for municipal and federal benefits.

“Physicians and other medical personnel are battling on the frontline of the war against the coronavirus infection, which has attacked our city. Young specialists and medical students have made their choice and decided to work together with their senior colleagues. They have come to hospitals to help coronavirus patients as part of their internship. The number of requests for employment we receive every day keeps going up, and we have already signed more than 2,000 work contracts with Moscow medical students. In addition to their monthly pay, the students working in coronavirus hospitals alongside doctors will be eligible for free meals, accommodation and a parking space near their hospital,” Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova explained.

Another 235 medical students are working as healthcare assistants with a monthly salary of 115,000 roubles. The 1,140 students who have signed contracts for assistant nurse positions will receive 175,000 roubles together with the benefits approved for those working in hospitals treating patients with the coronavirus. As many as 670 students have signed in-house internship contracts, which means they work shorter hours, only six, but still get paid 70,000 roubles. The duration of their internship is determined by their university. Under normal conditions, such internship is obligatory and non-paid.

As of today, medical students are working in over 20 city hospitals, including the Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, the Morozov Hospital, the Filatov Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 52, the hospital in Kommunarka and the Vorokhobov Hospital No. 67. A doctor is appointed at each hospital to provide advice to the medical students and to oversee their work. This doctor is also responsible for the safety of the students who are issued the necessary PPE.

Source: mos.ru

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