Over 120 cultural sites in Moscow Invite to the Cinema Night

August 22

Novelties and world classics, films - leaders in distribution, popular TV series and short films, animated films for children - all this awaits cinema fans on August 28 at the  Cinema Night annual cultural event. The detailed schedule can be found on the website where one can get registered for the events.

“This year more than 120 Moscow cultural sites have joined the traditional event. In addition to cinemas, screenings will take place in urban cultural centers, museums, libraries and parks. The program includes participants of major film festivals, Soviet classics, popular modern films, TV series and short film selections,” Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

The audience will be able to watch foreign and domestic films on large screens for free. Special events of the promotion will include screenings from 35 mm film in places that are not standard for film screenings: in the arch of the entrance to Gorky Park, on the Danilovsky market, the viewpoints of the Northern River Station. And in the exhibition pavilion of the Moscow Central Diameters, a documentary film about the first screening of the Lumière brothers from the archives of the Museum of Cinema will be presented.

Music of the Eras and Festival Cinema

The event will be opened by the Power of Cinema concert at the restored Khudozhestvenny cinema. Guests will see musical excerpts from films that reflect the development of the country in the 1920s and 1930s, the feat of wartime filmmakers and cameramen, the first manned flight into space, and the television appearance. The concert will be divided into three parts. Cinematography of the 1920s – 1930s will be presented with jazz compositions and songs from the first musical comedies, films of the 1940s - with war songs that have become folk ones. The part dedicated to the post-war period will feature favorite tunes from popular Soviet films of the 1960s – 1970s, such as “The March of the Jolly Fellows” (“Joly Fellows”), “The Song of the Merry Wind” (“The Children of Captain Grant)”, “We Need One Victory ”(“Belorussky Railway Station”).

A still from the movie “Belorussky Railway Station”. Directed by Andrey Smirnov. 1971

In the Cosmos cinema in honor of the 85th anniversary of the comedy “Circus” by Grigory Alexandrov, this movie will be shown from 35 mm film. A circus program will take place before the screening: the best spots of the movie will be recreated. Clowns, jugglers, illusionists, equilibrists will immerse guests in the atmosphere of the Soviet circus, which is so accurately conveyed in the movie. The musical compositions “Wide is My Native Country”, "Soviet Circus", "Mary Believes In Miracles" will be performed.

In Cosmos, Salute, Yunost, Zvezda, Fakel, Illusion cinemas, as well as in the Center for Documentary Films, the Tretyakov Gallery (cinemas of the Engineering building and on Krymsky Val), and the exclusive program “Open Borders” will be presented. It includes the movies that have participated in the competitive programs of the Berlin, Cannes, Rotterdam and other major film festivals in recent years. Among them - the musical film “Annette” by Leos Carax, which received a prize in Cannes for the best direction, and the film “The Yellow Cat” by Adilkhan Yerzhanov. Audience will hear introductory lectures from film experts, critics and journalists.

A still from the movie “The Yellow Cat”. Directed by Adilkhan Yerzhanov. 2020

TV Series and Short Films non-stop programs

The TV series non-stop program will be part of the event. The public will be offered not only hits from Russian TV channels and online platforms, but also premieres. The program included “Dyatlov mountain pass”, “Pishcheblok (catering unit)” and the premiere of the second season of the “Patriot” series. Screenings will take place in Zvezda, Salute and Illusion cinemas.

The short-length film non-stop program will introduce Muscovites to the films of Brazil and the Faroe Islands. These films will be shown in the Iskra, Salute, Fakel and Muzeon cinemas.

The Cinema Night will expand the usual boundaries of movie screenings. They will be held in iconic places of the city. On the view point of the Gorky Park main entrance, audience will see the movie “Hipsters” by Valery Todorovsky, at the Danilovsky market - Eldar Ryazanov's comedy "Give a Book of Complaints!”, and on the view point of the Northern River Station - “Volga-Volga” by Grigory Alexandrov.

Moscow cinemas, parks, cultural centers and libraries will present the program of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Fund. It included three of the most popular Russian movies of this year: the movie “Fire” by Alexei Nuzhny, the fantasy “The Little Humpbacked Horse” by Oleg Pogodin, the touching and heartfelt story of true friendship “Palma”, directed by Alexander Domogarov, Jr.

Traditionally, good animation films will be shown for children. They will be shown in the Vympel, Iskra, Saturn, and Polet cinemas.

The Cinema Night will be held in Moscow for the sixth time and will become one of the most ambitious cultural events in recent years. All film screenings shall be arranged in compliance with the anti-COVID measures in force. Viewers will need to wear masks indoors and maintain a social distance at all areas of the event.

Source: mos.ru

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