Over 10,500 participants: Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage held in Moscow

June 11

Over 10,500 people took part in tours, lectures and master classes arranged during the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage. This year, they were held in Moscow from 18 April till 31 May. The Moscow Cultural Heritage Department initiated the campaign.

Everyone had an opportunity to visit the architectural landmarks that usually have restricted access, including historical estates and mansions, industrial and civil architecture monuments now housing public institutions, non-profit and private organisations, and Embassy residences of different countries (the USA, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece and others). The institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,  National University of Science and Technology MISIS and Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), Tsentrosoyuz office building, Hotel National and Ukraina and many other landmark buildings opened their doors to the guests.

Over 550 free events have been arranged at 352 venues in different Moscow areas during the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage. The tour program was prepared in coordination with the Active Citizen project members. https://ag.mos.ru/news/2519 As a result of voting, it included the winners of the Moscow Restoration 2018: the building of the State Academic Maly Theatre and the ensemble of Podmoskovnaya Station locomotive depot. The largest number of 'active citizens' voted for these facilities.

"This was the 19th Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage held in Moscow. This year, the number of facilities included in the program have increased by 6.5 times compared to last year. For the first time, the tours were conducted in the Dolgov House (Meshchansky Department of Moscow Civil Registry Office), Razumovsky Estate (Russian Ministry of Sport), Orlov's Dacha (pigeon-house), Grachyovka Estate and in other architectural landmarks. The highlight of this year was the children's 'Heritage of My District' drawing competition, with children depicting the most significant landmarks of the places where they live," said Alexei Yemelyanov, Head of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department.

He added that this was the first time when the campaign included themed days dedicated to theatre, industrial architecture, avant-garde, VDNKh and Moscow transport. Also, on the themed day called 'Heritage for Children', little Moscow residents were introduced to historical landmarks.

Moscow Longevity tours

Special tours for the Moscow Longevity project participants were another innovation of campaign 2019. 

"Moscow Longevity project became a partner of the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage for the first time. Moreover, our participants not only visited the tours but also acted as guides. We received so many positive reviews that we are sure now: there are no better guides in Moscow than the project participants. Next year, we hope very much to develop cooperation with our project's participants within this campaign," said Vladimir Filippov, Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Labour and Social Protection.

According to him, the Moscow Longevity participants arranged 24 walking tours along unique routes. They included legendary Moscow buildings such as Hotel National and Leningradskaya Hotel, renowned House on the Embankment, historical areas and Arbat, Ostozhenka and Khamovniki streets.

Besides, the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage offered walking tours for foreign tourists for the first time.

"Now guests coming to Moscow from other countries can admire this advanced dynamic metropolis that values its historical heritage and traditions. It is important for us to show Moscow from different perspectives to as many tourists as possible, including its architecture and unique facilities. We are pleased to invite foreign visitors to join the tours next year to get a new experience and learn more about our city," said the Press Service of the Moscow Committee for Tourism.

Those who did not make it to attend tours within the Days of Cultural Heritage can have a virtual tour of Moscow buildings listed as architectural landmarks on ‘Discover Moscow’ portal, with Petrovsky Palace, Metropol Hotel, the Novo-Yekaterininskaya Hospital, Pashkov House, Smirnov's Mansion and other historical buildings among them.

The Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage have been held in Moscow since 2001. The campaign is timed to the International Day for Monuments and Sites (18 April) and the International Museum Day (18 May). It aims to raise public awareness of Moscow cultural heritage and architectural monuments' preservation. These days, renowned mansions, estates, palaces and museums will have free access.

Source: mos.ru

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