Over 1,000 physicians received Moscow Doctor status

December 17, 2019

Another 227 medical specialists have received the honorary title of Moscow Doctor. Among the new holders are representatives of 21 medical areas, including:

— obstetrics and gynaecology (14 doctors);

— anaesthesiology and intensive care (25 doctors);

— dermatovenerology (7 doctors);

— paediatric surgery (5 doctors);

— cardiology (7 doctors);

— clinical lab diagnostics (4 doctors);

— neurology (16 doctors);

— general practice (family doctor) (20 doctors);

— otorhinolaryngology (23 doctors);

— ophthalmology (14 doctors);

— psychiatry (5 doctors);

— paediatrics (6 doctors);

— emergency medical care (12 doctors);

— forensic examination (2 doctors);

— therapy (18 doctors);

— traumatology (7 doctors);

— urology (5 doctors);

— ultrasound diagnostics (10 doctors);

— surgery (10 doctors);

— endoscopy (5 doctors);

— endocrinology (12 doctors).

'This time, the record-breaking 227 physicians have been granted the title. For the first time, clinical lab specialists and ophthalmologists have obtained Moscow Doctor status. To date, 1,087 doctors enjoy this special status, with specialists in all 27 areas allowing for voluntary evaluation procedures,' said Moscow Government Minister Alexei Khripun, Head of the Moscow Healthcare Department.

Besides, since this autumn the certification examination including 17 programs of continuing professional education is conducted with the Moscow Doctor project's tasks offered to provide professionals an opportunity both to obtain a specialist certificate and a status certificate (provided the test is successful). 119 out of 227 Moscow Doctors have received the status after certification exam.

Physicians with this status employed with the Department of Healthcare's facilities enjoy a monthly allowance of RUB 15,000. Moscow Doctor status can be obtained in several specialties, should the applicant be engaged in them. In this case, allowance is to be provided for each of them.

Moscow Doctors will also automatically receive a qualification category based on professional expertise. To do this, they have to submit a status certificate, employment and professional documents to the Certification Commission. The category is assigned without the certification exam.

Apply for Moscow Doctor testing on the Moscow Healthcare Department's website.

Source: mos.ru

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