Outpatient Cancer Center at Botkin Hospital received its first patients

October 2

A new outpatient cancer center starts receiving patients at the Botkin Hospital. It is located in a recently renovated five-storey building where up-to-date equipment is installed.

“The start of the outpatient cancer center at Botkin Hospital is an important step in promoting a new standard of cancer care in Moscow. Now cancer patients of the Western District will be comprehensively diagnosed and treated — from detection of the first signs of malignant neoplasms to dispensary observation — all in one place. This ensures continuity in the patient’s treatment at all stages,” said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development.

The center plans to conduct up to 160 thousand consultations annually. This is almost twice as much as it was possible to organize earlier. The most modern types of diagnostics and unique digital technologies are concentrated here, and patients can be observed jointly by doctors of various specialties. This fully complies with the best international standards in the organization of cancer care, the deputy mayor said.

Patients have some medical procedures right in the course of the initial examination. For instance, the mammologist-oncologist will be able to immediately perform a breast biopsy if necessary. The center has its own operating room with a four bed wake-up ward for biopsies and minor surgeries. Besides, the building houses an inpatient department with 22 beds, where up to 25 thousand courses of chemotherapy can be made annually.

Using telemedicine technologies, doctors can organize oncology consultations with specialists from other clinics to discuss difficult cases. And with smart patient routing in place, they can start treatment faster.

Residents of Moscow’s Western District will apply to the outpatient oncological care center. Once signs of a malignant neoplasm are detected with patients, they will be referred here from polyclinics. Specialists from oncological departments of four polyclinics were appointed to full-time positions in the center. These oncological departments are: oncology department No. 1 of the outpatient oncological care center of the S.P. Botkin hospital (30 Krylatskie Holmy Street, building 2), oncology department No. 2 of the outpatient oncological care center of the S.P. Botkin hospital (16 Michurinsky Avenue, Olympic Village, building 1), oncology department No. 3 of the outpatient oncological care center of the S.P. Botkin hospital (14 Sculptor Mukhina Street), oncology department No. 4 of the center for outpatient oncological care of the S.P. Botkin hospital (6 Fizkulturny proezd).

Today Moscow is leading in the application of modern technologies and methods of cancer treatment in Russia. In 2019, Moscow approved its new standard for cancer care. It brought about six multidisciplinary oncological centers organized on the basis of the largest hospitals. They include 24-hour hospitals, pathomorphological laboratories and outpatient cancer care centers. Each center provides health care to one or two administrative districts of Moscow.

The cancer centers perform all stages of treatment: diagnostics, surgical treatment, drug therapy and dispensary observation. This allows to speed up disease diagnosis, increase its accuracy and start treatment faster. Today Moscow has a total of 1,776 beds available for cancer patients including 255 radiological beds.

Source: mos.ru

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