Outbound expressway from Bolshye Kamenshchiki Street to the Moscow Ring Road to be improved

April 10
City administration

One of the largest facilities to be improved in 2020-2021 is the outbound expressway connecting Taganka district with Moscow’s south, Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog. It is 14.2 km long.

The expressway crosses Bolshye Kamenshchiki Street, Novospassky Proezd, Simonovsky Val Street, Velozavodskaya Street, Andropov Avenue, Proletarsky Avenue and Lipetskaya Street entering the Moscow Ring Road and the M4 federal highway.

Many public transport routes pass along these streets, for example, the first Moscow semi-main route No. 901 opened in 2011.

“In recent years, we made a lot of effort to lessen the load on numerous bottle necks that make this highway persistently jammed. Designated traffic lanes for public transport were launched from Taganka to the Moscow Ring Road, among the first ones in Moscow. A tunnel was built under the Kashirskoye Highway to connect Andropov Avenue and Proletarsky Avenue," the Mayor of Moscow reminded.

Technopark metro station was opened in Nagatinskaya Floodplain. It took away part of the urban traffic. There is also a pedestrian crossing with a travelator across Andropov Avenue.

One of the largest flyovers in Moscow was built on Lipetskaya Street.

“Reconstruction of the interchange of Lipetskaya Street with the Moscow Rign Road is planned for the near future. Directional exits, overpasses, and tunnels will be built instead of the old cloverleaf interchange that has long been unable to cope with the traffic. The work is planned to start this spring,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

A comprehensive improvement of streets is also in the plan. The main task is to plant more trees, repair sidewalks and create comfortable environment for 300-400 thousand people who live or work near the highway.

Last year experts completed renovation of the road section from Bolshye Kamenshchiki Street to the Kolomenskaya metro station. This year it is planned to improve the public garden in front of the Novospassky Monastery.

“The main scope of work will be carried out in the area from metro station “Kolomenskaya” to Lipetskaya Street. Asphalt on the sidewalks will be replaced, since it is quite badly damaged in some places. The most popular areas of the pedestrian zone will be paved with tiles, as, for example, on the neighboring Kashirskoye highway,” Sergei Sobyanin explained.

Design solution

725 new energy-saving lamps will illuminate the streets. Special attention will be paid to pedestrian zones and ground crossings where supports with contrasting lighting will be installed.

There will be 30 modern public bus stops along the highway. Passengers will be able to charge their mobile phones and connect to a wireless network there. About 520 trees and more than 8,100 shrubs will be planted at the streets and the adjacent territory.

Convenient approaches will be made to the Dunay Pond at Lipetskaya Street. 12 playgrounds will be renovated in residential areas of Lipetskaya and Elevatornaya Streets, as well as Proletarsky Avenue.

The main work on the improvement of the Bolshye Kamenshchiki — Lipetskaya Street highway is planned to be completed at the end of 2021. The interchange reconstruction will take 2.5 years. This will eliminate most of the problems that made life difficult for drivers and local residents.

Source: mos.ru

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