Our City: Muscovites’ feedback channel

September 27
Social sector

The Moscow portal Our City is one of the most popular online tools. It gives people the opportunity to report a problem related to a building, courtyard, park or street in real time and solve it together with the government.

In order to report a problem, users should take a photo of the site, for instance, a fallen tree, briefly describe the situation and send the message via the mobile app or website. Thus, people do not have to waste their time trying to find the responsible agency.

What can be reported?

Using the Our City portal, Moscow residents can monitor the quality of repair and maintenance work in residential buildings, courtyards, roads and parks, report violations and review the work of state agencies. They can also report a broken swing, a cold building entrance, uncollected garbage or an out-of-order lift. The portal has recently added a section for unsatisfactory maintenance of cellars and attics in blocks of flats, as well as sections for the poor maintenance of the grounds of social facilities, such as schools, hospitals, outpatient clinics, museums and others.

The portal has a list of over 200 problems. Using this list, Muscovites can submit messages to the relevant government agency. Our City helps monitor metro service, ensure clean parks, construction sites, roads and public transit, and even keep an eye on advertising placement.

Who deals with the reports?

The portal has a multi-tier system of report processing. Relevant executive bodies respond to the complaints and address particular violations.

The portal operates under a clear algorithm: any problem must be solved within eight working days. If more time is needed, experts will specify the time. Each report is reviewed and sent to the relevant authority no later than 24 hours after submission.

Over 30 moderators work with reports: after reviewing the report for compliance with the rules, they publish it on the portal.

Are there similar projects in other countries?

Technologies used in Our City are also utilised by New York, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Manchester, Ottawa, Barcelona and Sydney. New York City residents file their complaints via the NYC 311 website. They can ask questions about the work of utility services or view service requests by location, date or problem. In London, there is the My City service, which can be used to pay taxes, rent and fines, set up automatic payments and complain about municipal facilities maintenance. Residents of Canada’s capital can report a problem with municipal agencies or their employees via the Ottawa service. The resource allows for leaving both negative and positive reviews (they are then posted in the Submit a Staff Compliment section).

Why do so many Muscovites use the service?

An opinion poll showed that this online service allowing anyone to monitor the work of municipal services is the most convenient and interesting way to take part in city management. The Our City portal has about 1.6 million registered users.

The portal was established in 2011, and since then has solved over 4 million problems in the city. According to statistics, over 98 percent of problems reported to Our City are solved efficiently, which is why the number of portal users grows every day.

Source: mos.ru

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