Online services and mobile app: e-services development in Moscow

November 7, 2019
City administration offers more than 340 services. About 10 of them launched in Moscow at the beginning of the year. These include filing an appeal against the outcome of the state final certification, applications for planting a name tree, subscription to the results of medical tests, registration for participation in electronic elections, online notification of the expected individual housing construction and its completion, as well as other services in  construction, real estate and entrepreneurship. The Moscow Government told about how electronic services are launched, developed and evolve.

How it all started

The portal of public and municipal services (functions) of Moscow,, was developed and launched in 2010, within the Moscow public  program 'Information City'. In 2011, the Moscow Government started a service to enrol a child in the 1st form and receive a single payment document, which immediately became popular among users.

Previously, to enrol a child in the 1st form, parents had to queue up in schools as early as the previous evening, but after the launch of queue management system, the situation has changed, and now you can enrol in a school located closer to your home through the portal of city services whenever it is convenient for you. The same applies to receipt and payment of utility bills, since a single payment document has become available in electronic form.

Top priorities

Monitoring the demand for e-services among residents, the Moscow Government systematically expanded their list. In 2012-2015, social online services launched. These include making an appointment with a doctor at a city polyclinic, enrolling a child in a kindergarten or transfer to another one, subscription to get the results of the Unified State Exam, registration in a polyclinic, and pre-registration for public services in My Documents centres and executive authorities. In 2013, the portal was the first in Russia to introduce an electronic form to apply to a civil registry office for marriage registration.

In November 2013, the portal was updated, with its design and structure renovated, taking into account requests of residents made by open voting. Users grouped e-services into categories and formed a convenient catalogue of all services. More than 3,500 Muscovites took part in the voting.

In 2012, Moscow Public Services mobile app was developed, making electronic services available to those who prefer receiving them via their smartphones. The share of such users was growing steadily, so the IT Department of Moscow was developing and upgrading the mobile app, adding new services. Now, you can easily solve priority issues online.

Social services were prioritised. Online registration of services popular among Muscovites,  namely one-time birth allowance and a schoolstudent's social card, launched.

At the same time, services for car drivers appeared, too, including search and payment of fines for committing a traffic offence, issue of resident parking permits, and applying for vehicle registration to the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate. In addition, housing and communal services have also become available in electronic form to allow Muscovites receive charges for housing and communal services and transmit meter readings online.

Find all services on

In 2017, the city services portal joined To date, the official website of Moscow Mayor and Moscow Government is a source of useful information about the city for residents and a single means for obtaining necessary services. portal has facilitated the interaction between citizens and authorities. Residents learn the news of their district and city and get the necessary services on one website. At the same time, new services have become available, including registration in a children's polyclinic, OMI Policy registration, enrolling children in after-school centres, making  appointment with a veterinarian and topping up Troika Travel Card.

The Moscow Government continues improving and developing the portal's functionality and interface to make it even more user-friendly. In 2018, the IT Department updated user account, with recommendation of services launched based on the needs of people taken from the data in the personal profile. For example, if a system identifies a user as a parent, it offers relevant educational services he or she may not be even aware of.

So, user can enter and store personal data and information about family members in his/her personal account, and receive current news and services on its basis, for example: information about a child's marks at school, appointments to a doctor and prescription issues, charges for housing and communal services and much more. Besides, with the help of My Payments service available in your personal account, you can pay automatically generated bills. Widgets were also an important update, to help users receive information about services in more convenient way. Now you can learn about the utility charges or your exam score on the desktop in your personal account.

Фото: Пресс-служба Мэра и Правительства Москвы. Максим Мишин

Public services today

In Moscow, there are only few services left that require a personal visit to an institution or department. A family with a newborn child, schoolchildren and students, elderly people, residents with disabilities, car drivers can easily find required service and solve their issue online.

There is a separate set of services for business. The issue of electronic permits for the passage of freight transport within the Moscow Ring Road was one of the first ground-breaking solutions for business in 2013. Today, legal entities have personal accounts on The platform functions as a single site for all company employees to allow tracking the status of applications for public services requested by the company. All necessary construction services are also provided now in electronic form only, to help developers solve important legal issues in a convenient online format. For several years, services such as registration of taxi driver's permits, applications for weekend fairs, services in real estate and technical accounting have also been functioning in electronic form.

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Moscow Public Services  mobile app is actively developing, too. Last year, it was ranked first among the Russian public mobile apps. This year, it entered the TOP 20 of the App Store service programs, ranking 17th. Today, more than 1.2 million people use it.

Since the public services portal’s launch, more than 1.3 billion electronic services have been provided to Moscow residents. has now more than 8.8 million personal accounts of individuals registered, with about one million people visiting it on weekdays to get electronic services.



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