On 12 May, industrial and construction companies can resume working

May 8
Economy and entrepreneurship

Industrial and construction companies will be able to resume operations immediately after the May holidays. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said this during a meeting on implementing measures to support the economy and the social sphere. At the same time, he said it was too early to talk about lifting all the restrictions in Moscow.

For now, the situation we are seeing does not allow us to open some small businesses and shops for certain services and day-to-day goods, etc. However, it does allow us to open all industrial and construction companies, not just some of them like it is now. All of them will be able to open on 12 May. This gives half a million Muscovites an opportunity to fully get back to work,” Mr Sobyanin said.

About 3.5 million jobs have been created throughout the country based on orders from Moscow companies. The Mayor explained that he was referring to machine-manufacturing and construction companies, among others. The working conditions at these companies must be strictly regulated based on the guidelines of sanitary doctors.

This is how we will be able to keep the epidemiological situation stable and gradually open different areas of activity, one by one,” the Mayor added.

It is necessary to consider the epidemiological situation in every region as we loosen the restrictions for self-isolation. Each of Russia’s regions must independently regulate the relaxing of restrictions that were introduced because of the coronavirus. The Mayor said this would allow the authorities to make the most effective decisions and make the system as a whole more flexible.

Photo: Press Service of Moscow Mayor and the Moscow Government. Maxim Mishin

Vladimir Putin instructed the regional governors to draft a plan to lift the restrictions that have been imposed to counter the coronavirus.

The President reminded them that he had asked them to prepare recommendations on gradually lifting of the restrictions for after 5 May.

I would like to remind all regional governors that they must draft their own action plans on how to proceed after May 11 based on our recommendations. Of course, life is much more complicated than general patterns. Nevertheless, it is important to have a justified plan for every region with due account for expert opinion,” the President said.

Vladimir Putin emphasised that hasty decisions on this issue are unacceptable because the cost of even a small mistake can jeopardise the safety and health of our people.

Mayor Sobyanin said that the number of coronavirus patients taken to the hospital in critical condition has not increased in Moscow in the past two weeks.

In general, this is an indication that the situation is stabilising,” the Mayor noted.

The city has established a strong system of hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients, which are coping with the number of affected people. Mr Sobyanin also recalled that Muscovites with a mild form of the disease receive medical aid in out-patient facilities. CT centres can help identify the disease at an early stage.

The restrictions to counter the spread of the coronavirus have been extended to 11 May. Remote teaching at schools, colleges, sports schools and other education institutions has been suspended from 1 May until 11 May.

Everyone in the capital, regardless of age, must stay home. The only exceptions include emergency medical aid or other life or health threatening medical issues, or to go to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy, to walk a dog, throw out rubbish or to get to a job (for those that are required to work).

All entertainment businesses and beauty salons are closed in the city. Operating as usual are grocery stores, pharmacies, pet stores, delivery services, telecom stores and non-food shops that sell the basic necessities.

It is necessary to observe a distance of no less than 1.5 metres in public places. This requirement does not apply to taxi rides.

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Source: mos.ru

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