Old English Court becomes part of Zaryadye Park

September 5
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The Old English Court will be incorporated into the landscape and architecture of Zaryadye Park. On 5 September, the first tours will be conducted for people living in  Moscow or just visiting. The building has recently been done up and because of City Day the tours will be free of charge.

The chambers in Varvarka Street built in the early 16th century are considered one of the oldest civil buildings and the first official foreign mission that has survived in Moscow up until today.

The building’s history is directly connected with the budding Russian-English relations during the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and Queen Elizabeth I. During Queen Elizabeth II’s visit in October 1994, she attended the opening ceremony of the museum there. For many years, it was part of the Museum of Moscow Museum Association.

“The Old English Court was a branch of the Museum of Moscow Museum Association from 1994 to 2020. Over this period of time, the building was renovated and a modern exhibition opened, dedicated to the life of an English trading house located in Varvarka Street in the 16th and 17th centuries and budding relations between England and Moskovia. Handing over the Old English Court to Zaryadye Park means returning the historical status to one of the oldest Moscow buildings due to its location,” said Anna Trapkova, director of the Museum of Moscow Museum Association.

Visitors will be able to view unique finds discovered during the archaeological excavations and creation of the park in the most ancient districts of Moscow, Zaryadye and Kitai-Gorod. The collection, which includes household items of Muscovites, coins, pieces of weapons and other things, was previously displayed in the Zaryadye underground museum and will now be updated and presented in the chambers of the Old English Court. The regular exhibition located in several halls from the ancient basement with masonry dating back to the early 16th century to the renovated rooms of the 17th century will also be upgraded using the latest technology.

“In the small chambers of the Old English Court, we will be able to realise our ideas using the contrast between epochs and multimedia technology, such as projections on the walls, sounds and illumination that will enhance the perception of the current exhibition. Plus, the centuries-old history of the building, connected with the Zaryadye District, will make it easy to fit the museum into tour routes and the event programme of the park,” explained Ivan Demidov, director of Zaryadye Park.

It is expected that tours around the museum will take place every 30 minutes. At first, there will be two kinds so as to ensure the visitors’ safety: individual ones and tour groups of up to 10 people. Groups of up to 15 will be taken on a outdoor tour without the possibility of visiting the museum. Navigation and arithmetic schools will open for children. Lessons will be held from Tuesday to Friday according to a schedule. In the autumn, the museum will be the venue of the “Museums. Parks. Manors” Olympiad.

It will also be possible to view the Old English Court as part of the history tour route around Zaryadye Park that includes a visit around the gallery on the Kitai-Gorod wall, which was also built in the 16th century and restored during the second half of the 20th century. If people don’t want to go on a guided tour they can walk around on their own. Audio guides are available at the park’s ticket office.

The Old English Court is open all week except Mondays (sanitary day) from 10 am to 8 pm. Ticket offices close at 7 pm.

Tickets can be obtained at the ticket offices of the Mediacentre and Nature Embassy pavilions, the museum’s souvenir shop, via Zaryadye’s website and mobile app as well as payment and navigation terminals in the park.

Find out more about tour routes and exhibitions that will be held in the Old English Court by visiting Zaryadye’s official website

Source: mos.ru

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