Number of studies aimed at selecting targeted and immune therapy for cancer patients increased by 1.5 times

September 4

Diagnosing oncological diseases are now faster and better in Moscow. The pathology laboratories were reorganized and reequipped in the capital last year which resulted in 1.5 increase in the number of research for diagnosing and selecting of the course of treatment.

“While implementing a new standard for providing oncological care in Moscow, we paid special attention to availability of all advanced types of laboratory tests for diagnosing oncological diseases and selecting highly effective treatment methods. Re-equipment of pathomorphological departments in Moscow clinics made it possible to arrange work according to the most modern standards, reduce the research time and significantly increase the efficiency of diagnostics and subsequent treatment of oncological diseases, including the use of targeted and immune medications,” Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova said.

She added that this half-year saw 643 thousand histological, over 9.7 thousand molecular genetic and almost 97 thousand immunohistochemical studies of malignant tumors carried out in Moscow. This is about 1.5 times more than in the same period last year.

“It enables doctors to select the most effective course of treatment using the best modern medicines. Thus, the highly effective diagnostics is carried out much faster and with better quality for oncological patients now,” Vice-mayor noted.

New and modern equipment in the departments and highly qualified specialists provide research of the highest standards. This is confirmed by an external audit of the Federal Center for Quality Control of Immunohistochemical Research.

The new standard of cancer care was approved in Moscow at the end of 2019. Its main provisions were implemented over the past year. Six multi-field oncological centers were organized based on the largest city hospitals: they appeared in the D.D. Pletnev hospital No. 57, A.S. Loginov clinical center, Hospital No. 62, S. P. Botkin Hospital, Hospital No. 40 and Hospital No. 1. Residents of one or two Moscow districts can apply to each of them.

The cancer centers have a full range of clinical opportunities: diagnostics, surgical treatment, drug therapy, regular medical check-up, etc. Thus, all stages of providing specialized care are available in one medical institution, and this makes it possible to reduce the time of making a diagnosis, increase its accuracy and start treatment faster.

Each multi-field center has a modern pathology laboratory. A large-scale re-equipment of such laboratories took place in 2019-2020 — over 300 items of medical equipment were purchased.


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