Not only pulse oximeters: COVID-19 patients still get free medicine too

October 12, 2020
Social sector

The list of free medicine to be issued to COVID-19 patients being treated at home will be extended, Sergei Sobyanin has written in his blog.

“Moscow has been fighting the novel coronavirus infection for months now. Patients with severe symptoms are put in hospital, but the majority of cases can be treated at home under the supervision of doctors from outpatient clinics and telemedicine centres. They are provided with free medicine for the treatment of COVID-19. Moscow doctors have accumulated a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with patients at home. New effective medicine has been recently registered in Russia. Therefore, as of October we have seriously expanded the programme of free medication for COVID-19 patients,” the Moscow Mayor noted.

Patients treated at home will be issued two novel kinds of medication, Areplivir and Coronavir, at the recommendation of the Healthcare Ministry.

Anticoagulant medication (blood thinners) used to treat and prevent blood clots, such as Dabigatran Etexilate, Rivaroxaban or Apixaban, will be issued to the COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms to prevent possible complications.

Pneumonia patients treated at home will be issued pulse oximeters if doctors decide that this is necessary. These devices allow blood oxygen level to be monitored, which is a key indicator of the COVID-19 patients’ condition.

Those who are tested for COVID-19 and are in a risk group will be required to take a rapid influenza diagnostic test. In addition to this, the list of obligatory tests will be expanded to consider better and more comprehensive treatment methods for COVID-19.

“We have purchased enough medicine and equipment. Decisions to use and issue them will be taken by the doctors. Our specialists believe that the new medication schemes, additional tests and the constant control of the patients’ conditions will help doctors to seriously improve their treatment at home. This will help to alleviate the symptoms of patients and get them back to a normal way of life,” Sergei Sobyanin added.

From 28 September, people aged above 65 and those with chronic diseases have been required to stay at home. A social services system has been relaunched for Moscow residents. Those who need assistance should phone the Moscow COVID-19 hotline +7 (495) 870 45 09.

Attention all people in Moscow: Wearing masks and gloves and observing social distancing in all public areas is mandatory. 


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