North-East Expressway to be completed in 2022

June 12
Construction and renovation

The North-East Expressway construction project will be completed in 2022, according to Rafik Zagrutdinov, Head of the Moscow Construction Department. The builders have finished pouring the concrete for the pillars of the expressway exit ramp to Yaroslavskoye Motorway.

“We have finished pouring the pillars for another exit ramp from the main route of the North-East Expressway to Yaroslavskoye Motorway,” said the Department head. Now, after a forced suspension because of the coronavirus, construction has resumed on all the structural elements at the junction. The work is proceeding quickly; Sergei Sobyanin issued instructions to complete the construction and assembly work for the North-East Expressway in 2022.”

The ramp is part of the right-turn transition on the North-East Expressway from Otkrytoye Motorway to Yaroslavskoye Motorway that leads out of Moscow. The ramp is 319 meters long. It crosses over the Moscow Railway line toward Yaroslavl.

Pouring of the concrete pillars, erection of beams, pre-assembly of superstructure steelwork and concrete pouring of the traffic surface are underway at the other junction flyovers and ramps.

Over 4.8 kilometres of roads will be built or renovated at the juncture of the North-East Expressway and Yaroslavskoye Motorway.

The project includes:

- construction of the North-East Expressway main route elevated section, 387 metres long;

- construction of the transition ramp from Prospekt Mira to the centre along the North-East Expressway toward Otkrytoye Motorway, 539 metres long;

- construction of three ramps including a flyover at the right-turn transitions from the North-East Expressway main route to Yaroslavskoye Motorway, 1475 metres long.

 In addition, two pedestrian underpasses will be renovated at 222, Prospekt Mira and 2, Yaroslavskoye Motorway.

The North-East Expressway will connect the new М11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway with the Kosino Flyover. Actually, it will connect several major city roads: Moscow Ring Road, Entuziastov, Izmailovskoye, Shchelkovskoye, Yaroslavskoye, Altufyevskoye, Otkrytoye and Dmitrovskoye motorways. The North-East Expressway will provide public transit and private vehicle access to 12 transport hubs, 21 metro and Moscow Central Circle stations as well as the Savyolovo and Kazan railway stations.


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