Non-working days start in Moscow on October 28

October 28

On October 28, additional restrictions are enforced in Moscow due to the coronavirus rate increase. The non-working days will last until November 7th.

Starting today, Moscow organizations temporarily suspend their operation, except those that ensure functioning of the municipal utilities, continuous-cycle enterprises and some others, which activities cannot be stopped in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia.

Pharmacies and shops selling food and essential goods, will be open; trade, services, public catering, sports, culture, recreation and entertainment establishments and cinemas will be closed. Restaurants and cafes can operate takeaway and deliver ready-made meals. Remote sale of goods and provision of services are not limited.

Public services

During non-working days the public service in the My Documents centers and the Moscow authorities offices is suspended, except urgent services for registering acts of civil status.

Public services will still be available electronically.

Education and healthcare

Holidays are announced in kindergartens and schools from October 28 to November 7. Also, institutions of additional education, sports schools, children's clubs and group will not work. Kindergartens will accept children from families where all members are outside of home.

Higher and secondary vocational educational institutions can conduct classes only remotely.

Health care facilities will continue to provide elective and emergency medical care.

Фото Е. Самарина.

Cultural activities

Municipal theaters and museums will continue to operate, provided 50 per cent occupancy is not exceeded. Visitors must have QR codes and wear protective masks. The same rules are recommended for federal cultural institutions.

Cultural, sports, advertising and entertainment mass gathering events and shows will be suspended, except events agreed with the Moscow Office of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor).

Restrictions from November 8

Working days will begin on November 8, but some restrictions will remain.

Theaters and museums will continue to work, provided 70 per cent occupancy is not exceeded. Visitors must have QR codes and wear facemasks.

Presentation of QR codes and wearing facemasks are also mandatory when attending concert, entertainment, cultural, sports events and shows with over 500 participants. The same requirements are recommended for events with less than 500 participants.

Moscow extends November holidays to reduce the growth of COVID-19 infections

Earlier, on October 25, protective measures were introduced in Moscow to control the COVID-19 spread. Until February 25, 2022, Muscovites aged 60 years and above and those with chronic diseases are advised to comply with lockdown measures. Working citizens can request sick leave. Walking and exercising in the fresh air are not limited.

These measures do not apply to those who recovered from coronavirus in the past six months or got vaccinated.

In addition, from October 25, 2021 to February 25, 2022, minimum 30 percent of Moscow organizations staff must work remotely as well as persons aged 60 years and above and those having chronic diseases.


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