Noiseless, eco-friendly, modern: Vityaz-Moskva trams ‘all aboard’

September 6

There have been over 40 million trips made on Vityaz-Moskva new-generation trams since the beginning of 2020. There are 375 such trams now in Moscow running along 25 routes in the northeast, east, southeast, southwest, south and centre of the city. The Bauman and Oktyabrskoye depots have only got new carriages to date, and they are also being delivered to the Rusakov Depot.

“Such eco-friendly above-ground public transport is absolutely the way of the future. That’s why Moscow is investing in e-buses and state-of-the-art trams. By the end of the year, another 15 Vityaz-Moskvas will hit the tracks, and by 2023 only the best trams will be running in the city,” enthused Maxim Liksutov, deputy Moscow mayor and head of the Department of Transport and  Road Infrastructure Development.

The first Vityaz-Moskvas with air conditioning, satellite navigation, CCTV, free Wi-Fi and USB chargers starting being used in 2017. The trams are noiseless and run smoothly, which makes travelling aboard them more comfortable. For those living near tram tracks, life has also improved. The modern carriages can take up to 260 passengers, which is higher than any other surface means of public transport. They always run on time. Passengers use such trams about 215,000 times every single day.

The inside layout changed several times for passengers’ comfort: the number of seats increased from 60 to 64, a second platform was established for bicycles and prams, and the driver’s cabin and control panel were upgraded.

People in Moscow have praised how the Vityaz-Moskvas run. Over 206,500 users took part in the New Moscow Trams vote held in January in the Active Citizen project. Almost half of them (48.92 percent) had already travelled aboard the new trams, with 92.69 of them noting that they liked Vityaz trams. Another 3.68 percent believed there were still ways to make them even more passenger-friendly.


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