No mass events during New Year holidays in Moscow

November 25, 2020

Moscow will not hold any mass events during the New Year holidays, Sergei Sobyanin said in his interview with Channel One.

“We still have a long way to go before the New Year, more than a month and a half, but we will not hold any mass events in the current situation. We have decided to ban all mass cultural events, including major Christmas and New Year celebrations. This has to be clear for everyone,” the Moscow Mayor said.

Sergei Sobyanin reminded everybody that the New Year is mainly a family holiday and Russia has an established tradition of celebrating it at home, with family and friends.

The decision to cancel mass gatherings was taken due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow has seen a growth of COVID-19 cases for over a week. This increases pressure on hospitals and the entire healthcare system. The current situation is also complicated by the spread of such seasonal diseases as acute viral respiratory infections and the flu, which were almost absent in spring.

“We must keep one step ahead and be able to foresee what will happen tomorrow, in a week, two, and three weeks,” stressed the Mayor.

In adopting restrictions, we consider the current situation in the world.

“We must look closely at what is going on in other countries. And we can see an extremely rapid growth of COVID-19 [cases] in Europe and in many other countries, an extremely rapid growth of pressure on the entire medical system. Many countries go as far as imposing curfew, state of emergency, complete lockdowns and so forth. And there is no way to stop this process,” underscored Sergei Sobyanin.

Nevertheless, Moscow has the situation under control. This primarily concerns the healthcare system, which can cope with an increase of patients.

“Moreover, the amount of the scheduled and urgent treatments has not gone down and even increased a little compared with the same month in the previous years. We can say the same about the operation of outpatient clinics. Dedicated COVID-19 hospitals have an almost 50-percent margin of safety. So, the system is working steadily," the Moscow Mayor added.

You can find out more about coronavirus prevention and response in the special project section.


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