Nikolskaya Street: Restoration of Old Mint and Provincial Government buildings

May 19
Construction and renovation

Surveyors have resumed doing extensive work within the grounds of the Old Mint and Provincial Government buildings. This historical group of buildings comprises five federal level cultural heritage properties: the northern, southern, western and eastern structures as well as the chambers of the Old Mint. They are to be found on 5/1 Nikolskaya Street, Bldgs. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The Nikolskiye shopping arcade designed by architect Lev Kekushev is also there. The entire complex belongs to the State Historical Museum.

“The Old Mint group of buildings on Nikolskaya Street throughout its history has played a momentous role in the development of this whole area. Frankly speaking the condition of everything is not too bad but the facades and some of the structures could do with some serious attention. Surveyors have a huge job before them. They need to find out exactly what kind of restoration work is required. This data will then determine the plan for next year when the work is expected to get underway,” explained head of Moscow’s Cultural Heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov.

Mr Yemelyanov also pointed out that when the surveyors have completed their job, a full-scale restoration plan can be drawn up and after that the builder will be given the go-ahead to start the work, which will be strictly monitored at all times by the Department.


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