Nightingales inventory: new environmental campaign launched in Moscow

May 15

Join the Nightingales Inventory campaign to be held by Mospriroda 13 May till 30 June.

Nightingale songs may be heard and recorded in forests, parks and even courtyards. These birds ususally settle near water reservoirs in lilac or willow trees. Experts advise to watch them in the evening.

Nightingale singing has its peak in the second half of May and June, as male nightingales actively look for females, gaining their attention by resonant reverberating trills. According to ornithologists, the louder and more expressive the male's songs, the more chances to find a couple and have offspring.

After the birdwatching, campaign participants are to make a report specifying:

date, time and place of watching (administrative area, locality);

name of a water reservoir or their group nearby;

watcher's travel route;

number of birds;

further information (if any);

watcher's full name, his/her e-mail or phone number.

There must be also an audio or video recording of birds attached. You can do it with your smartphone with GPS coordinates specified.

The data collected will be added to the interactive bird habitat map to help ornithologists learn more about Moscow biodiversity. You should also post your birdwatching content on your Instagram account tagged #Sing-solo2019, #мосприрода, #соловьи, #певчиептицы, #оопт, #москва, #птицы, #соловьисчетлюбят, #голос.


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