New Year's night in Moscow parks: dance to pop hits and watch ice shows

December 31, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

Muscovites and Moscow guests will not be bored on New Year's night. 27 parks of the Department of Culture offer pop concerts, competitions, master classes, dances, theatrical performances and ice shows. On 1 January, New Year festivities will last until 03:00 am in all parks. Most of them are free.

Dance to pop hits in Izmailovsky Park, Khodynskoye Pole Park and Park Pobedy

You can watch pop star shows on a festive night not only on TV. Listen to their live performances in a park instead. Izmailovsky Park will hold celebrations on the northern and central stages, with music and dance bands, and theatre teams performing. Besides, professional animators will conduct a special program including quizzes, contests and games. Starting 05:00 pm, the central square hosts a big concert. Visitors are in for performances of children's music and dance bands, theatrical performances and bright shows of popular artists such as Kravts, Mary Kraimbreri, Gradusy, ST, Pizza and others.

Park Pobedy will become a large dance floor to enjoy performances by solo artists, music bands, cover bands, professional DJ, and a flash mob with sparklers. At 10:00 pm, a special New Year's program starts at two Park venues. Konets Filma band will open the show on the stage in Zashchitnikov Moskvy Alley. You will also hear covers by Moroz Band and one of the most favourite New Year songs of Russia that is 'Five Minutes'. Meanwhile, the stage on the central alley of the Park will host a concert featuring Stas Kostyushkin, Alexander Buinov, Diskoteka Avariya, Marina Devyatova, Mark Tishman, Lolita, Sergei Kuprik, Buranovskiye Babushki and many others.

Enjoy another pop concert in Khodynskoye Pole Park, with Natan, Alexei Goman, Anna Sedokova, Gradusy, Marseille and others.

Go 'Back to the Future' in Perovsky Park and watch the magic theatre in Zaryadye

New Year's night in Perovsky Park will be about 'Back to the Future'. Interiors, costumes and a laser show will immerse you in the same-name film. Konets Filma and Rock Electra bands will take the stage. Everyday Is Like Sunday Studio will invite guests to join fun games, master classes and competitions. Capture festive moments in special photo zones with Doc Brown and Marty McFly's images.

Zaryadye Park invites to take part in a special program 'Magic Theatre World', with the immersive street theatre's actors performing. Music bands and animators will add to the festive atmosphere. Also, you will enjoy a light drummer show. World-famous music hits performed by a Helikon Opera soloist will carry the audience into fairy tales and magic world.

Northern Tushino Park will also become a street theatre performances venue on the festive night, with anyone free to join. Visitors are in for a bright theatrical performance, Matronaz International, Moroz Band concerts and DJ sets. At midnight, visitors will light up sparklers. Father Frost and Snow Maiden will congratulate guests and treat them with tangerines.

Join the carnival in Fili Park or enjoy music of the 1950s in the Olympic Village Park

On the New Year's night, the Fili Park will offer the atmosphere of the film 'Carnival Night'. Enjoy dancing to the 1950s hits performed by show ballet and modern covers of those years' songs on the central stage. Guests of all ages are welcome to take part in master classes to make character masks, Christmas ornaments and postcards.

Babushkinsky Park hosts a fancy-dress ball, close to a traditional Venetian carnival, with bright masks and costumes. Visitors are in for dance hits performed by music bands, a light show, drummer and dance band performances. Starting 10:00 pm, you will watch an unusual fire show.

The New Year party in the Olympic Village Park will be about the 50s music fans. Guests of the Park will go back to the 1950s to boogie-woogie rhythms. The festive program includes lively twist and rock'n'roll, music performances and covers of pop hits of the mid-20th century, as well as a dance flash mob. Children will like master classes on making Christmas cards and ornaments. All events will take place on the Park's dance floor. Olonetsky Proyezd Park will also become a party spot for the 50s music fans, with a disco, street theatre performance, cover band, dance band and pop star shows, as well as master classes, quizzes and contests.

Dance on the Gorky Park's ice rink and watch liquid nitrogen show in Tagansky Park

In Gorky Park, the New Year party will run at the Voskhod skating rink. The program features Vinyl Mayak marathon and Vlad Cheiz, 8HZ and DJ MaO sets, electronic music by Pixelord and Saburov, skating animation group and My Michelle band's show. Ice food courts will offer a special festive menu. New Year's party will be hosted by actor, showman and TV host Ivan Chuikov. The party will be crowned by magnificent fireworks. Buy tickets on the Park's website.

Tagansky Park will hold its New Year party on the central square. Enjoy light and liquid nitrogen shows, an illusionist show and singers' concerts, as well as a lot of music and dancing. At the beginning of the party, the host will offer contest with prizes and gifts. Watch Darya Sagalova ballet and join a dance master class. Luxe Melomania band will add to the festive spirit by delighting the audience with popular hits 'Happy New Year', 'Blue Frost' and others.

Bauman Garden will be full of bright neon lights. At the entrance, visitors will get the key attributes to celebrate the New Year such as sparklers, neon masks, and bracelets. Besides, you will meet Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Steel Pythons cover band and Vladimir Yatskevich's Choir will take the central stage.

Part of the program will take place at the garden ice rink, with a bright skate show. 10:00 pm till 01: 00 am, the ice rink pavilion invites to join a crafts workshop. Buy tickets on the spot at the rink's ticket office.

Hermitage Garden will be flooded in the shimmering Northern lights. The New Year party will be about the beauty of the Arctic Circle, with the festive venue centred around an iceberg-shaped art object. Geometric decor repeating the shape of ice crystals will have garland lights, a beautiful festive photo spot. Join master classes to make home decor and Christmas tree ornaments shaped as ice crystals. Listen to a music band and watch theatrical performances.

Parks and recreation areas to spend New Year's night:

— Gorky Park, 05:00 pm–03:00 am, Voskhod skating rink;

– Izmailovsky Park, 12:00 pm–03:00 am, northern and central stages;

– Lilac Garden, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, Fontannaya Square;

– Vorontsovo Estate, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage;

– Northern Tushino Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage;

– Levoberezhye recreation area, 12:00 pm–02:00 pm, central square;

– Park Pobedy, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, Zashchitnikov Moskvy Alley, central alley;

– Bauman Garden, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, ice rink, stage, garden alleys;

– Lianozovsky Park, 10:00pm–03:00 am, central stage and central square;

– Goncharovsky Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage;

– Angarskiye Prudy Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, dance floor;

– Fili Park,10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage;

— 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, Family Square stage;

 — Olympic Village Park,10:00 pm–03:00 am, dance floor;

— Kuzminki Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central square and central stage;

— Sadovniki Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central square and central stage;

— Khodynskoye Pole Park,10:00 pm–03:00 am, central square and Children's Recreation Centre;

— Tagansky Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central square;

— Perovsky Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage and skating rink;

— Zaryadye Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, big amphitheatre's stage;

— Hermitage Garden, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage on Shchukinskaya Square;

— Sokolniki Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, Festivalalnaya and Fontannaya squares, Lyod skating rink;

— Krasnaya Presnya Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, big island;

— Krasnogvardeiskiye Prudy recreation area, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, site near the Middle Krasnogvardeisky Pond;

— Babushkinsky Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, green theatre, dance floor and Fontannaya Square;

— Mitino Landscape Park, 08:00 pm–03:00am, ice rink and central stage;

— Olonetsky Proyezd Park, 10:00 pm–03:00 am, central stage.

Key events of the New Year holidays will take place in Moscow during Journey to Christmas festival.

City centre will host celebrations in Tverskaya, Mokhovaya and Okhotny Ryad streets, Manezhnaya Square, Novy Arbat Street and Tverskoi Boulevard. The venues are to open daily, 11:00 am till 09:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am till 10:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

The festival will offer fancy Christmas trees, magic light installations, ice shows, theatrical performances and concerts, as well as crafts and sporting master classes. You are welcome to learn to play curling or snowboarding. A plenty of chalets will sell souvenirs and special winter treats.

Festive decoration of the city centre will be about space. Some 100 New Year installations will be mounted in the central streets. Warm up by the fire in the lounge area, take a picture in the aircraft with Belka and Strelka dogs and walk through a 15 m long space tunnel in Tverskaya, Mokhovaya and Okhotny Ryad streets. 

Last winter, Journey to Christmas had 18.6 million visitors to make it the largest festival in Europe.

Visit venues throughout the festival until 12 January.


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