New ticket machines available on transport stops

July 13

New ticket machines came to Moscow. They have been installed at 15 public transport stops in Solntsevo, Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye, Zyablikovo and Metrogorodok districts. Compact devices are mounted on glass pavilions of bus, trolleybus, tram and electric bus stops.

Their screen displays the arrival time of all transport passing this stop. Previously, bus arrival time was available on separate screens only.

With new advanced terminals, you can top up Troika travel cards, and set up any type of ticket on the card (for example, 60 trips tickets or 90 days unlimited ticket). You may top up your Moscow Resident social card at the terminals, too.

Machines accept bank cards. You may pay your fare by PayPass and PayWave and smartphones using NFC. To do this, just touch your card or mobile device to the terminal. In addition, terminals allow activating remote payment. To do this, click on the button to activate remote card replenishment and touch your travel card to the terminal. New terminals do not offer one- or two-trip Troika or Unified travel cards.

"New ticket machines are smaller compared to other types of such devices. They do not take up much space at a public transport stop, while being convenient and functional. Such terminals fit good into the design of modern bus shelters," said Kirill Kislyakov, Director of Mosgortrans Revenues and Control Department.

For convenience of foreign visitors, their interface is available in six languages, in addition to Russian: English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German. To select the language you need, just click on the flag of the corresponding country.

Terminals operate 24/7.

Stops with new ticket machines available:

— Tereshkovo — opposite 6a Borovskoye Highway;

— Tereshkovo at 6/3 Borovskoye Highway;

— Uprava Rayona Solntsevo in 19 Bogdanova Street;

— Vystavochny Zal at 2 Solntsevsky Prospekt;

— Vystavochny Zal at 1 Solntsevsky Prospekt;

— Novoperedelkinskaya Ulitsa at 29 Borovskoye Highway;

— Borovskoye Shosse, dom 20 at 20 Borovskoye Highway;

— Metro Borovskoye Shosse — opposite 25a Borovskoye Highway;

— Novoorlovskaya Ulitsa in 2 Sholokhova Street;

— Metro Novoperedelkino in 5/2 Sholokhova Street;

— Metro Novoperedelkino at 40 Borovskoye Highway;

— Borovskoye Shosse, 56 at 50 Borovskoye Highway;

— Metro Shipilovskaya in 21 Musy Dzhalilya Street;

— Tagilskaya Ulitsa at 24/1 Otkrytoye Highway;

— 7th Mikrorayon Orekhova-Borisova at 86/2 Kashirskoye Motorway

Updated terminals for ticket sale will continue to be installed. The list of their addresses is being developed.

Now, there are also 180 large ticket machines, installed earlier, available for Moscow residents. They are located within walking distance of metro stations, universities, shopping malls, and the most popular surface transport stops. Three terminals are located at Sheremetyevo Airport. They allow for not only topping up Troika travel cards and Moscow Resident social cards, but also buying one- or two-trip Unified travel cards. Terminals accept both cash and bank cards, and offer contactless payment. Their interface is available in 7 languages.


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