New life of old mansions: how entrepreneurs help to restore landmark buildings

January 12

A comprehensive program for metropolitan landmark buildings restoration has been operating in Moscow since 2011. During this time, 1,700 monuments received a new life, most of which were restored at the expense of the city and federal budgets. But the capital's business also contributes to the process of preserving significant cultural heritage sites.

In 2012, the Moscow Government introduced a preferential rental program ‘1 ruble per 1 square meter’. In accordance with it, the city offers landmark buildings or their parts for 49 years rent, which meet the following criteria: they are owned by the city and in poor condition, and they are a detached building without any encumbrances.

"The tenant, determined by the results of a public auction, enters into a lease agreement with the city, and undertakes to restore the facility at his own expense within five years from the agreement conclusion date as well. Upon these works completion, the investor can switch to a preferential rental rate under the program ‘1 ruble per 1 square meter’ per year. Since 2012, 32 cultural heritage sites have been sold at special auctions. Restoration work has already been completed at 20 sites, of which 19 have changed to the rate of 1 ruble per 1 square meter. One of the latest examples is the Naumov—Volkonsky family residential building on Prechistenka Street," Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, said.

Despite the fact that all costs are borne by the investor, he will not be able to restore the building at his discretion. All works are carried out according to pre-approved regulations, according to agreed project documentation, subject to the existence of designer's, engineering, and specialized specialists of the Cultural Heritage Department supervision. Unauthorized repairs, alterations and other similar actions are considered to be illegal and fall under administrative responsibility. In case of destruction or serious damage to the monument, criminal liability ensues.

According to restoration results, the city and Muscovites receive an updated landmark building, and the investor can dispose of the premises at his discretion for almost half a century to recoup the invested funds: to open an office, cafe or shop in the building or sublet it. At the same time, he retains responsibility for the proper operation of the facility.

"Especially for business representatives, the program of preferential rent ‘1 ruble per 1 square meter’ has been successfully acting for nine years. This is a mutually beneficial process. On the one hand, the original appearance of historical and cultural monuments is being restored, on the other — after completing the restoration, entrepreneurs use them at a minimum rental rate. Restoration within the framework of the program always provides for a large-scale work, because the program includes monuments that are in disrepair. Now work is continuing on six cultural heritage sites, and 20 of them have already been restored to their original appearance," Alexey Yemelyanov, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow, said.

In course of the program ‘1 ruble per 1 square meter’, the Moscow Boundary Office, the Matveev manor house, the E.A. von Behrens residential house, the Khludov manor house, the A.P. Sytin manor house, the tram stop cast-iron pavilion of the beginning of the 20th century, the Naumov — Volkonsky family manor house and many others were restored.

Six objects are in the process of restoration now:

— main building of the Morozovs manor house (Nikoloyamskaya Street, house 47);

— tenement building with a printing house (Devyataya Rota Street, house 16);

— wing of the manor house of the beginning of the XIX century (Gorokhovsky Lane, house 19, building 4);

— residential building of the beginning of the XIX century (Kazarmenny Lane, house 10, building 3);

— driveway opening of Khoroshevsky Stud Farm (Tamanskaya Street, house 2, building 8)

— tenement building of the XIX century (Kropotkinsky Lane, house 10, building 1).

You can apply for participation in the program on the Moscow official investment in the Tender section.


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