New ideas for travelling across North Caucasus available on Russpass

March 23
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Russpass digital tourist service came up with new ideas for travelling across North Caucasus: Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan, North Ossetia and Chechnya. Users can choose from over 50 offers.

One can choose off-the-shelf tour programs or draw up your own plan of the trip using the landmarks offered. For convenience, all sightseeing places are shown on an interactive map. On Russpass , you can also buy air tickets and book a hotel.

Adygea travel will be right for those who like mountains and related things. Russpass offers over 20 scenarios of travel across this region — both ready-made tour programs and visits to individual landmarks and museums. For example, among natural landmarks of the republic there is a mounting called Fisht, which in Adygei means “white head”. The highest waterfall in Adygea, Pshekhsky waterfall, is also located here. While arranging a travel over the region you can also plan to visit a unique natural attraction of the Belaya river valley — the ammonite valley with remains of molluscan shellfish. One of the historical versions going around is that many years ago the territory of Adygea was the ocean bed.

If you want to see Elbrus or even climb it, go to Kabardino-Balkaria. In addition to magnificent mountains the users are offered to visit Blue lakes. Tserik-Kel lake, for example, ranks one of the deepest in Europe. Among traditional landscapes of the region one can find a piece of Europe — Chateau-Erken castle built in medieval style and surrounded by a lake and vinegroves. You can have a walk around the gardens and taste the handiwork of local wine-growers during the tour.

With Russpass one can plan an exciting trip to Dagestan. This region is also rich with picturesque attractions. For example, the service users can add Sulaksky canyon to the travel itinerary, with its impressive size and turquoise-colored waters. And just two dozens kilometers away from the republic capital there is Sarykum — the second largest barchan in the world. Later on one can move to Derbent to visit the fortress of Naryn-Kala. Its territory houses the khan’s palace— the oldest mosque in Russia, and other points of interest.

Ready-made tours across other regions of North Caucasus are available on Russpass. For example, “The Harmony of the Caucasus” across Chechnya, and “Ancient Iriston mysteries” across North Ossetia.

The service was created at the initiative of the Moscow Government and has been operating since summer of 2020. More than 700 thousand users have turned to its services. Travelers have access to over 1.2 thousand offers, including tours and self-tailored routes. Today Russpass has over 300 partners, including about 100 tour operators in Moscow and other cities.

The Russpass digital travel service helps planning the trip around Russia quickly and easily. It ensures purchasing railway and air tickets, booking a hotel, a table at a restaurant and many other things. A couple of clicks provides one with individual itinerary along the selected tourist places or a ready-made offer.

Almost all regions of Russia — 82 constituent entities of the Russian Federation — signed cooperation agreements with the service.The project implementation is jointly supervised by Moscow Committee for tourism and the Department of Information Technologies.


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