Neurofitness and acupuncture: what helps doctors treating COVID-19 patients

November 24

Almost 20 thousand Moscow doctors helping COVID-19 patients, took specialized psychological trainings. The program covers over 150 city medical organizations, including hospitals and clinics. Classes are conducted by specialists from the personnel centre of the Moscow Healthcare Department and the Z. P. Solovyov Scientific and Practical Psychoneurological Centre.

“The program of providing support to doctors and special trainings held in Moscow since autumn of 2020, helps medical workers overcome the difficulties associated with the psychological stress during the pandemic. They allow doctors of polyclinics and hospitals maintain a stable emotional state, learn stress-preventing skills and practice methods of preventing professional burnout,” said Elena Efremova, Deputy Head of the Moscow Healthcare Department.

Psychological trainings for doctors are conducted in offline and online formats.

In October 2020, the Moscow Centre for Accreditation and Professional Development in the Healthcare Sector, based on which the personnel centre was later established, began to conduct specialized trainings for employees of medical organizations providing assistance to COVID-19 patients.

As much as 14 thousand medical workers from polyclinics took part in them. With informal atmosphere in place, participants learned to understand their emotional state, manage conflict situations, diagnose stress, and work out professional and emotional burnout. The playing and relaxation practices helped the participants integrate their knowledge and experience.

The trainings are held in groups, but anyone can additionally have individual advice of specialists to consolidate new knowledge.

If necessary, psychologists and neurofitness instructors (a modern technology for restoring and improving brain function) of the Z.P.  Solovyov Scientific and Practical Psychoneurological Centre go to medical organizations and provide assistance to specialists on site, without interrupting their work.

One of such teams’ methods is conducting psychological trainings and classes, where elements of physiotherapy exercises and exercises to increase concentration of attention are combined. About six thousand doctors underwent such trainings.

“Since the pandemic beginning, our specialists are visiting the main Moscow hospitals and working in the red zones. There, doctors are faced with long-term work in personal protective equipment, inability to see relatives, the necessity to urgently master new knowledge and skills in the field of epidemiology and infectious diseases,” said Alla Gekht, head of the Z.P.  Solovyov Scientific and Practical Psychoneurological Centre.

The medical workers support course based on this centre consists of psychological trainings, as well as psychophysiological techniques such as massage, acupuncture, breathing and relaxation exercises.


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