Nearly half of Russian 5G projects are tested in Moscow region

December 10, 2021

Nearly half of Russian 5G practices pilot projects were implemented in Moscow and Moscow region. A 5G demo centre was launched in the capital within a year, and agreements for opening industrial 5G-testing ranges were signed. Moscow Department of Information Technologies jointly with City Digital Technologies Portal ICT.Moscow did the annual survey of new ways of using 5G practices in the world.

“5G is one of the priorities of technology development in Moscow. Existing pilot projects demonstrate how 5G can help Moscow residents make traffic safer, solve complicated production tasks and conduct remote medical team meetings. However, before implementing such solutions in the megalopolis at large, it is necessary to ascertain their efficiency. Therefore, since 2019 about 30 pilot 5G testing sites were opened in Moscow, a 5G demo center is operating, and industrial 5G testing ranges are established with the first of them launched in the territory of S.P. Botkin City Clinical Hospital”, says Deputy Head of Moscow Department of Information Technologies, Alexander Gorbatko.

The survey shows that with no approved 5G standards in place in Russia, local testing of the technology is underway. New ways of using the practices display the same tendencies as observed in foreign projects. For instance, artificial intelligence as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are used more extensively together with 5G. Implementation of most of the practices were supported by the cities.

The survey comprises 16 Russian practices (with only eight last year) of using 5G and 5G-ready (network ready for 5G). Seven of them are implemented in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The city 5G demo center-based testing of innovative services and technologies of the fifth generation communication network is among new and the most prominent Moscow 5G testing practices. Moscow Department of Information Technologies started them in the end of 2020. By November 2021 three projects were tested, including the solution providing visualization and real-time operation of BIM-project at a construction. Additionally, a multifunctional complex based on computer vision algorithms for pilotless aircrafts and a solution for wireless optical communication based on FSO technology (Free Space Optics, “free-space optical communication”), where a laser is used for data transfer instead of radio frequencies, were tested in Moscow.

Besides, a contract for establishing a medical 5G testing range in the of S.P. Botkin City Clinical Hospital was signed in September 2021.

“For setting up a 5G testing range we chose the Medical simulation centre of the Botkin hospital — the most advanced hi-tech continuing professional education institution in Moscow, where medical staff studies and improves professional skills by means of new technologies. 5G will function here on the permanent basis. This is a unique case and an opportunity for start-ups as well as for doctors to test drive innovative technology in real clinical conditions. In cooperation with the hospital doctors we are selecting the most efficient and high-potential projects, which tested solutions can potentially be implemented in the healthcare system”, says Vyacheslav Shulenin, Director General of Moscow Centre of Innovative Technologies in Healthcare within the social development complex of the capital.

Partners of the project are selecting the most high-potential solutions in the following spheres: virtual and augmented reality technologies (VR/AR) for assisting doctors and teaching future medical staff, performing remote surgery, remote monitoring on 5G network basis, remote patient’s examination without direct contact by means of 5G network, online streaming from surgeries on 5G basis, etc.

The August 2020 to October 2021 survey analysed146 practices of using the fifth generation communication technology in 34 countries, including 16 Russian projects. The information was taken from open sources. The survey shows that a prominent role in 5G practices implementation still belongs to cities and states: just as abroad, the majority of implemented Russian practices were supported by the cities (9 out of 16). The geography of using the technology saw a major expansion — as compared to the last year’s report 5G practices were found in 14 new countries.


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