National cuisine and agricultural machinery exhibition: Golden Autumn festival runs on

October 10, 2019

Golden Autumn food festival, running until 13 October, covered more than 1,500 venues around Moscow. Muscovites are in for cooking and floral battles, folk and rock band and drummer performances, acrobat shows.

This year, Red Square is the central venue hosting the festival for the first time. It was visited by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev.

'For the first time, we are holding the Golden Autumn festival on Red Square together with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. It is running not only on Red Square, but also in dozens of other Moscow district venues. The event is joined by a huge number of commercial partners,' Sergei Sobyanin.

Red Square is currently hosting the agricultural machinery exhibition. There are also several themed areas: Garden of Shovels, Russian Field, Pasture with wooden sculptures of animals, Amazing Mill decorated with graffiti featuring scenes from Soyuzmultfilm Studio cartoons, and much more.

Gourmets will find a wide variety of specialties. There are 56 chalets offering the best products brought from dozens of Russian regions.

'Today, like never before, Moscow has become close to agriculture, and growers have become close to Moscow citizens. We are enjoying a big event in the very heart of Moscow. You can see a lot of growers renowned for their quality products. There are regional brands that have become known not only in Moscow, but also abroad, and they are extremely competitive,' said Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev.

16 restaurants will do their best to surprise even the most refined connoisseurs. Visitors are offered to try the original Kuban borscht, spicy pumpkin soup, shurpa, Siberian dumplings and other local meals of the peoples of Russia.

There will also be gastronomic shows, where experienced chefs will show their skills, and competitions for the Best Cook of the Autumn title. Adults and children can learn to drive mini copies of agricultural machinery and take part in the rally.

Folk bands playing modern folk music versions will take the stage. Among them are popular Folkbeat band performing ethno-electronics, and Partizan FM featuring cossack and author's songs.

Children will enjoy cooking and handicraft workshops. They will learn recipes of pumpkin meals such as pumpkin risotto, pumpkin roasted with vegetables and pumpkin latte. During the culinary journey to different regions of Russia, children will learn how to make Tatar chak-chak, Bashkir beshbarmak, Cossack solyanka, Moscow kulebyaka and much more. At the handicraft workshop, they will make wooden kitchen utensils, weave vine baskets or vases. Folk Art Chalet offers knitting, embroidery and carpet making lessons.

Moscow Mayor expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for assistance in organising the festival.

'Working with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, with contractors, growers and regions is essential for Moscow, to supply the city market with quality products at the best price,' Sergei Sobyanin added.

Golden Autumn: tasty, funny and interesting

This autumn festival takes place not only at the traditional venues, it has covered 96 weekend fairs, 22 agricultural markets and 1,386 chain stores. As Moscow Mayor noted, the trade infrastructure development continues in the capital.

'In recent years, the number of stores has increased by 80%. There are well-arranged markets of agricultural and farm products, too. Some of them are year-round,’ said Moscow Mayor.

Golden Autumn's highlight is, naturally, delicious and quality food. Traditionally, guests are offered the best seasonal farm products. Participants from Russian regions have brought more than 250 tons of products: 230 kinds of fish and seafood, 120 kinds of cheese and dairy products, 100 kinds of meat and meat specialities, more than 100 varieties of vegetables and fruits.

According to Dmitry Patrushev, many Russian products are popular in other countries, with exports of Russian products increased.

'This festival is held for the first time in such format, but we hope for understanding of the Moscow City Government, and believe that this experience will be extremely positive and further we will start a week of agro-industrial complex with the fairs of regional brands, where you can see and, most importantly, try the products made by our agricultural manufactures,' said Minister.

In recent years, the number of goods made in Russia has increased in Moscow.

'For example, the share of imported meat decreased four-fold, with double decrease in imported fish. In general, food import in Moscow decreased by 30%, it has been replaced with products made in different regions of Russia: from Far East to Kaliningrad,' Sergei Sobyanin added.

The festival will offer more than 400 free cooking classes. You may learn how to cook meals of seasonal vegetables, as well as favourite treats of residents of different regions of Russia and other countries. You can also master historical cooking (a festive medieval menu or a menu of collective farms and pioneer camp canteens), cooking seafood treats or food we know from popular films.

Join cooking classes at the central and district festival venues: on Red Square, Revolyutsii and Slavy squares, in Pererva, Profsoyuznaya, Gorodetskaya, Mitinskaya, Matveyevskaya and Svyatoozyorskaya streets, Dmitriya Donskogo and Orekhovy boulevards.

You will enjoy daily cooking shows, more than 240 performances and concerts, 350 handicraft workshops and 55 sports events, some thousand events in total.

More than two tons of pumpkins were used to decorate the district venues for citizens to take the brightest photos of the festival.


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