Mythological images and jazz musicians: Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art to host Damir Ruzybayev's exhibition

September 14, 2019

On 1 September, Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art opens 'Damir Ruzybayev. Sculpture. Painting. Graphics' exhibition. The artist's works refer to the ancient cultural traditions of Uzbekistan and modern trends.

The exhibition will present about 50 works by Damir Ruzybayev featuring different periods: portraits, mythology images, sculptures of folk singers and jazz musicians, abstract paintings and graphic art works.

Damir Ruzybayev was born in 1939 in Samarkand. From 1954 to 1959, he studied at the Sculpture Department of the Tashkent Art School. Ruzybayev worked as a sculptor, participated in archaeological expeditions, was engaged in the restoration of ancient sculpture. For almost ten years, starting in 1988, he was the Director of the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan. Today he is a teacher at the Children's Art Studio he founded in 1986.

Damir Ruzybayev's works are held by the State Museum of Oriental Art, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, in Savitsky Art Museum in Nukus. His monumental works have been set up in Uzbekistan, Armenia, Hungary and South Korea.

In recent decades, the artist has been looking for ways to bring together painting, sculpture, architecture and music in his works. He works with limestone, marble, granite, bronze, chamotte and even crystal. One of Damir Ruzybayev's favourite materials is coloured clay, which he makes on his own using oxides and heat-resistant pigments.

"For me, there are only three colours — earth's ochre, trees' green and sky's blue. These colours possess a vast variety of shades I mainly use in my sculptures,'' says Damir Ruzybayev.

The exhibition will run until 23 October.


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