'My Street' programme shortlisted for the Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence

May 21
Municipal services

'My Street' programme was the only European project shortlisted for the Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence. 14 urban development programs from North America and four from Asia were also among the finalists. The winners will be announced in September, after the jury explores the projects, their history and results.

The award organisers note that the list of contenders included solutions that had significantly improved the life of local communities, as well as changed public spaces previously excluded from the urban environment. Each of them is an example of smart land use.

For example, 92 km of streets has been rebuilt in Moscow from 2015 to 2017, with 7,000 energy-efficient street lamps installed and 7,000 trees planted. The total area of landscaping and improvement within the project exceeded 1,500 ha.

Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence is one of the most prestigious awards in urban development. The jury consists of experts engaged in real estate, finance, development and design.

Source: mos.ru

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