Museum in the arch: learn everything about VDNKh's history

July 9

At the new Museum, visitors are to learn VDNKh's history and its role in Russia's life. It will open on 1 August in the right wing of the central entrance arch. It is called VDNKh's History Museum.

Multimedia exhibition will cover an area of 600 sq m. It will be divided into five themed sections: 'Friendship of Peoples', 'Victory Parades', 'National University', 'City of Wonders' and 'One Day at the Exhibition'. The exposition is centred around an extensive database of information with digitised archival photos, drawings, documents and newsreels. It will be replenished and updated with tens of thousands of materials. The Museum space is to be equipped with a 12-segment multi-screen, a media screen and interactive panels. Restored artefacts from VDNKh's Museum holdings will be placed on the exhibition modules.

"VDNKh's History Museum is to open on 1 August 2019, at the day of the 80th exhibition's anniversary. Its guests will learn about the architects, sculptors and artists who participated in the creation of its pavilions, about other people who have contributed to the development of this unique historical and cultural cluster. After all, it reflects the most significant Russian events, aspirations and achievements of entire generations," the Press Service of VDNKh said.

With the help of interactive exhibits, specially designed insightful board games and an impressive online media library, the first public knowledge base about the 80-year VDNKh's history, visitors will learn how the major Russian exhibition was created and has been operating during different eras, how its ensemble was developing and its content changing throughout the years.

'Friendship of Peoples' section will tell about the contribution of representatives of different republics of the USSR to VDNKh’s formation and development, and about prominent foreign visitors. In 'Victory Parades' section, visitors will learn about post-war life in Russia, exhibits and entire pavilions devoted to achievements in agriculture, heavy industry and other fields. 'National University' section will tell about scientific breakthroughs. They have always been given special attention in the preparation of displays and temporary exhibitions. 'City of Wonders' section will offer a fascinating time journey to show what the architectural jewels of the Russian major exhibition looked like decades ago. 'One Day at the Exhibition' section will show the VDNKh's attractions of various periods. Remarkably, the main walking route has not changed much over the years, as it has always passed through landmark sites such as the Central Alley, the Cosmos Pavilion and the Green Theatre.

Until 8 September, the Museum offers free admission.

VDNKh's anniversary  

This year, the major Russian exhibition turns 80. On the occasion of its anniversary, VDNKh is to host over 100 events  with festivals, concerts, exhibitions, meet-the-artist events and master classes.  Vdokhnoveniye Festival, the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, festive events on the occasion of the City Day and VDNKh's birthday are among them.

Annually, 30 million people visit VDNKh. The area covering more than 325 ha houses 49 cultural heritage sites, historical pavilions and fountains. Russia's largest exhibition complex has been under reconstruction since 2014. Now the work is underway in almost 40 VDNKh's historical buildings and facilities. The reconstruction is expected to be completed in 2020.


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