Muscovites won three gold medals at the European Junior Olympiad in Informatics

September 3

Muscovites won three gold medals at the Fifth European Junior Olympiad in Informatics. The winners are: Alexey Vasiliev from School No. 57, Daria Grekova from Physics& Math School No. 2007 and Ivan Piskarev from School No. 2086. The Russian national team also included Renat Karimov from the Republic of Tatarstan, who also got his gold medal as a team member.

The European Junior Olympiad in Informatics was held online from August 24 to August 28. The organizer was Romania. Schoolchildren from 30 countries competed for the victory. The competition consisted of two rounds: the participants had to solve three tasks within four hours in each round.

Russia was represented at the Olympiad by four more young people who were not included in the official national team. They competed unofficially, just for training. In the end, the schoolchildren were awarded one gold and three silver medals.

The European Junior Olympiad is a competition for IT beginners. It was first held in 2017. The contest format is similar to that of the International Olympiad in Informatics. Each country is represented by a team of four schoolchildren under 15. Participants are selected based on results of national competitions. In Russia it is the All-Russian Olympiad in Informatics. Detailed information about the Olympiad and results of the competitions are published on the official website.

Moscow pays great attention to teaching informatics and programming. Schoolchildren can attend various online courses and IT classes for in-depth study of the subject. In addition, the capital actively cooperates with leading universities and companies of the industry. This enables boys and girls to see the prospects of education and career in the IT field that is in high demand in the modern world.


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