Muscovites used electronic medical cards more than 22 million times in six months

July 30

Today, one of the most popular services of the capital's healthcare platform among Muscovites is the electronic health record (EHR). In the last six months alone, citizens have used it more than 22 million times, the press service of the social development complex of the capital reported.

“The Electronic Health Record service is popular among Muscovites. For six months alone, residents have already used the EHR more than 22 million times, which is 1.5 times more than in the whole of 2020. And this growth is not accidental. Thanks to electronic health record, patients can get access in an online format to information about their health and the health of their children, which will not be lost and will always be accessible," in the press service of the department was said.

Access to the electronic health record allows you to view the records of medical' examinations, discharge list with epicrisis, the results of laboratory and instrumental examinations, including access to images (computed tomography, MRI, fluorography, radiography, and others). Users can also keep a Health Diary, enter personal and family history data and add some medical documents. The service allows you to study information about prescriptions, medical certificate for sick leave and data on ambulance calls. The My Vaccinations section displays information about the completed vaccination, including the date of the procedure and the name of the vaccine. You can download documents from the electronic health record and send them by e-mail or via messengers.

Access to the service is provided automatically to Muscovites with a full account on Also, without additional conditions, users get access to the medical records of minor children (including wards), if the information about them is confirmed in the personal account.

For users with a standard account on, to get access to their health record or a child's health record, you must use the Request, Change and Cancel Access to an Electronic Health Record service and wait until the data passes verification. This can take up to five working days.

Muscovites who do not have a full account on, can upgrade the status of the account through a confirmed account on the portal or using the Sber ID. To do this, when you log in to your personal account you need to click on the Public Services button or Log in with Sber ID. A full account is also opened in any My Documents public services center .

The electronic health record is part of a single digital healthcare platform operating in the capital. It was developed and is being developed by the Social Development Complex of Moscow and the City Department of Information Technologies. The platform provides various services for doctors and patients, simplifying their interaction and improving the quality of examinations and treatment.


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