Municipal services switch to intensive operation mode

February 11, 2018
Municipal services

The snowfall relief effort underway in Moscow includes clearing the streets of snow and applying an anti-icing treatment, Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov said, adding that up to six centimetres of snow will fall in some areas by Monday morning.

“We are closely monitoring the condition of sidewalks, public transport stops and approaches to metro stations, the MCC and social and cultural facilities. The evacuation of snow to snow melting stations continues,” Biryukov said. The municipal services are working in an intensive mode.

He asked motorists to observe parking rules and not interfere with the operation of snow cleaning equipment.

The snowfall that blanketed the city last weekend was the strongest in 100 years. Specialists from the Centre for Automatic Recording of Administrative Offences are supervising snowfall relief efforts online, including snow-removing machines, and the cleaning of courtyards and driveways between apartment blocks.

If you have any issues with snow removal, please contact the Moscow City News Service at 8 (495) 777 7777. Complaints about snowdrifts in courtyards should be submitted to the building management company. Their details can be found at the Moscow Buildings website. If maintenance crews have not cleared your yard, you can complain about the management company to the district prefecture, to Moscow City State Housing Inspectorate or the Association of Administrative and Technical Inspections at 8 (499) 264 9681.

Snowdrifts on the roadside, roadways and sidewalks, uneven application of reagents and uncleared snow near bus stops can be reported on the Our City website. Please submit a short description of the problem and attach a photo.


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