Most COVID-19 vaccine study volunteers have no complaints after being vaccinated

September 15
Сoronavirus: official information

Most of the volunteers vaccinated as part of the post-marketing coronavirus vaccine trial programme feel good after being injected, the Moscow coronavirus response centre reported.

“Over the five days of the current coronavirus vaccine study, more than 250 people in Moscow have been vaccinated at the selected seven medical centres. The medics are carefully monitoring the volunteer’s condition. The overwhelming majority feel good. 75 percent of the research participants have shown no symptoms or any problems,” the response centre commented.

Some reported a slight temperature after being vaccinated.

The vaccination is being administered in two stages. After the first jab the volunteers will be required to wait 21 days before getting the second one. The two components have different active substances. The two-stage procedure is required to enhance the body’s immune system.

Health workers are keeping in touch with the volunteers, by phone, through a mobile app, or telemedicine. Any research participant can immediately contact a doctor should they feel unwell.

Vaccine research is now being carried out at seven centres, but their number will increase to 20 this week.

The first people who volunteered to take part  in the coronavirus vaccine study started being examined on 7 September and based on their test results, doctors selected candidates who had no contraindications to being vaccinated.

The study will help obtain permanent marketing authorisation and to expand the range of people that can be vaccinated, including those over 60. The research is expected to take 180 days.

The vaccine has successfully passed two stages of clinical trials that confirm how safe it is. It does not actually contain the coronavirus, which means there is no danger of a vaccinated volunteer actually getting the virus or infecting others. However, vaccinated people develop antibodies, which means they have immunity, and, importantly, they tolerate this vaccine as well as any regular jab.


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