Mosgormash children's technology park team wins the international competition — NeuroTech CUP

December 2, 2021

Winners of the international competition for young researchers and engineers in neurotechnology and artificial intelligence NeuroTech CUP are announced. The Upgrade Team from the Mosgormash Children’s Technology Park took third place in the 14–18 year-old category.

“The competition was highly rivalrous and gathered 85 teams from seven countries. The authors of 14 projects reached finals. Two Moscow teams took prizes in different age categories. We congratulate the guys!” Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

Contestants presented projects in the field of neurotechnology and artificial intelligence for robotic systems, drones, neuroeducation, cognitive and VR/AR-technologies.

Mosgormash children’s technology park team won bronze in the 14–18 age category. Students presented a project called “Individual rehabilitation system in a virtual environment”.

The Russian State Social University project “Neuromodeling and research of brain activity during decision-making” took third place in the category of students of engineering aged 18 to 30 years.

The prize fund for the further development of the project amounted two thousand dollars. The jury included representatives from the international NeuroTechX community.

Mosgormash is the first children’s technology park in Moscow, which opened in 2016. Today there are 19 children’s technology parks operating in Moscow. They operate on the basis of Moscow’s leading universities and research centers and offer 400 training programs in 42 areas. A total of 93 laboratories with modern equipment are set up there. Each year, more than 100 thousand young Moscow citizens are trained in children’s technology parks.


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