#Moscowwithyou platform features an online guided tour of the Metropol Hotel

August 12
Tourism and travels

The #Moscowwithyou media platform features an online guided tour of the Metropol Hotel that resembles an open-air museum. 

The Metropol is located in downtown Teatralny Proyezd Street. Its Art Nouveau facades fascinate passers-by with their maiolica panels based on Mikhail Vrubel’s designs and an ornamental composition titled “The Seasons.”

The #Moscowwithyou cultural online project, implemented by the Moscow Committee for Tourism jointly with the Museum of Moscow, presents online guided tours of five Moscow hotels: Metropol, Sovetskaya, National, Ukraine, and Leningradskaya.

The videos focus on the history of the hotels’ construction as well as the architects and artists who worked on the interiors and exteriors of the buildings.

The tours are posted on the #Moscowwithyou media platform once a week.

The Committee for Tourism launched the #Moscowwithyou special online project in March, with assistance from Moscow cultural venues.

The project website features online guided tours, lectures, theatre performances, culinary shows, and fashion shows. In all, there are 500 videos, including virtual walks, workshops, shows and other events. Since March, the website has chalked up nearly one million visits.


Source: mos.ru

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