Moscow’s City Day events to be held on 5 and 6 September

August 20

City Day will be held on the first weekend of the autumn — 5 and 6 September. A relevant resolution was signed by Sergei Sobyanin.

This year, Moscow will celebrate its 873rd birthday. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, public festivities, including the Festival on Tverskaya Street, will not take place. The main festive events will be held in parks, district festival venues and at cultural facilities.

Festive events will be held under the theme “Museum Moscow.”

Muscovites and visitors will be able to visit 90 museums and exhibition halls free of charge. Free visits require advance registration, which will be possible starting 1 September. These measures will ensure sanitary and epidemiological security.

City parks and district festival venues will host historical reenactments, intellectual games, workshops, exhibits, lectures and sports entertainment. Unusual art pieces will be displayed as well.

Moscow museums will prepare special programmes that will take visitors to the distant past and teach them about great works of art.

Revived paintings, military aircraft and impromptu archaeology digs

At the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, visitors will see the Moscow of the 16th and 17th centuries. With the help of reenactors they will be transported back in time to a noisy Streltsy settlement, see a tsar’s troop review, and visit the shops of weavers, tanneries and smithies. The “Bolshoi Kamenny Most” will present Moscow architecture from the Middle Ages with its wooden houses and stone chambers.

At Pechatniki Park, visitors can see what it’s like to be an archaeologist. Using improvised excavations they will learn to sort out and describe their finds. Historians will talk about interesting archaeological artifacts discovered in the city.

Visitors will have a chance to be at a railway hub in World War I at Mitino Park. A carriage adapted to the needs of military medicine will on display. They will be able to talk to nurses, watch soldiers gather for departure, and learn more about the role of the railway in wartime.

Classic car fans will be expected at Akademicheskaya Square in Troitsk. They will see different brands of Soviet cars and see how they were made. Visitors will be invited to try to lift a car weighing more than a tonne with a special lever.

Park Pobedy (Victory) in Zelenograd will be devoted to the defence of Moscow in 1941. An art exhibit representing T-34 tanks, combat aircraft and the Order of the Red Star – will be on display. In addition, visitors will see a volunteer headquarters reenactment, see how volunteers enlisted to go to war and learn the basics of encrypting and radio operation.

Lianozovo Park will present day-to-day life and cultural life in Moscow in the 19th century – with “living paintings,” such as “The Moscow Tavern” by Boris Kustodiyev; “Bargaining. A Scene from Serf Life,” by Nikolai Nevrev; “The Round Dance in Kursk Province,” by Konstantin Trutovsky; and the etching, “Rhymester reading his verses,” by Ivan Terebenev. These paintings will be reenacted by professional actors on stage sets.

At Izmailovsky Park, reenactors will use historical art objects to reenact the final battles of the 1812 Patriotic War— the battle by the Berezina River.

Guests will see how temporary river crossings were made in the early 19th century.

Yulia Ivanko,

At the “Science and Technology” venue at Krasnaya Presnya Park guests will have a chance to take part in intellectual games, find out how the Archimedean screw works with the help of a large props and learn about lighting technology in different eras.

Educational 3D showcases will appear at Yuzhnoye Butovo Park for Children. They will teach children about nature in Moscow, and others will talk about fun customs, holidays and life in the past. Others will describe the major events of Russian military history. An artistic school for children will also be offered.

Kuzminki Park will be devoted to the capital’s flora and fauna. Unusual animal-shaped figures representing animals at the Moscow Zoo will be found at the park. Visitors will be invited to take part in planting and caring for them.

One of the central venues of the holiday is the area between Manezhnaya Square and Revolyutsii (Revolution) Square. There will be several themed lounge areas where visitors can relax and take pictures. A major art piece, “The Botanical Garden Trail," will be created there as an eco-path with a podium pond made of LED screens and green bushes. 

Eco-paintings and plays

There will be plein-air sessions for amateur artists at 16 parks. The paintings created at festive workshops will be displayed as temporary exhibits. Anyone can take part in this event. Visitors can learn to paint in the Levoberezhye recreation area, at Goncharovsky Park, the park on Angara Street, Khodynskoye Polye Park, the Krasnogvardeiskiye Prudy recreation area, Hermitage Public Garden,  the garden square on Olonetsky Proyezd, the park by Dzhamgarovsky Pond, Lilac Garden, the Terletskaya Dubrava recreation area, the Moscow Mansion of Father Frost, Sadovniki and Borisovskiye Prudy parks, the children’s park  named after Nikolai Pryamikov, Babushkinsky Park, and Olympic Village Park.

Maxim Denisov,

Festive City Day programmes, including new ones are also being prepared at 13 district festival venues. They are located at the intersection of Sokolovo-Meshcherskaya and Yurovskaya streets in Kurkino, and on Klyuchevaya Street (bldg. 22) in Brateyevo.

Artists’ studios will be opened to visitors where they will be able to learn about different styles of painting and painting outside. Talks will be given in museums; there will be culinary studios and recycling shops that will teach people to create interesting items from second-hand and recycled materials.

At the “Geological Station” on Gorodetskaya Street, guests will learn about the tectonic structure of the Earth and different volcanic rocks and minerals. On Orekhovy Boulevard, visitors will be told about artificial intelligence and robot software. On Profsoyuznaya Street, visitors can learn to make a light tuna salad with dried tomatoes and also chocolate muffins.

Performances by Gold Mask winning puppet theatres will be presented. Youth theatre groups, jazz and a cappella teams will also perform.

Entrance to all venues and participation in all events are free.

Festive events will take place with due observance of all Rospotrebnadzor recommendations. Easels for plein-air artists will be set up with social distancing in mind; all participants must have masks and gloves. Sanitiser will be used between plein-air sessions. Some events require preregistration. 


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