Moscow’s ambulatory mental healthcare service turns 100

May 24

Moscow’s ambulatory mental health care service has turned 100 years old. Today, there are 25 psychoneurological dispensaries in Moscow, with one of them located in Zelenograd.

According to Georgy Kostyuk, Chief Psychiatrist of Moscow’s Healthcare Department, the main achievement of the city is unification of general medical and psychiatric services.

Several doctors in a single visit          

In 2017, a project was launched to create polyclinic-based ambulatory psychiatric modules. Today, Moscow has four such facilities. A patient can get treatment from different specialists, visiting just one medical institution.   


Many people seek medical aid when they are unable to cope with difficult life situations like a grave disease, loss of the job, stresses, etc. on their own. In such cases, psychologists and psychotherapists help them.

Also, the modules’ doctors are actively involved in psycho-social rehabilitation, i.e. they take educational and corrective measures and provide medical and social aid. In particular, they arrange, on a permanent basis, psychotherapeutic sessions under the Maternity School programme, hold lectures on depression and dementia. All this improves the quality and accessibility of psychiatric aid in the city.    

Memory clinics

The first memory clinic was opened in 2017. This is a medical rehabilitation centre for senior citizens with symptoms of dementia at the initial stage of cognitive disorders. Here the doctors provide medicinal treatment, training, psychiatric therapy sessions, and remedial gymnastics. Today, four memory clinics operate in Moscow. Over three years, more than 1,600 elderly Moscow residents have received medical aid there.  


In 2018, Moscow psychiatrists launched the “Can’t help saying or be silent” project. Anyone who so desires can take a test and obtain free anonymous advice of an experienced specialist who will determine, through psychiatric diagnostics, individual features and personality traits.  Within a year and a half, the number persons seeking advice under the project has grown to 2,000. More than 1,500 participants have received advice of psychologists and psychiatrists.

Also, free medical aid is provided by the staff of Gannushkin Psychiatric Clinical Hospital No.4. It has recently launched a socially targeted project 'Don’t Panic.' Experienced specialists hold interactive lectures on prevention of anxiety and depression.


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