Moscow will fulfil all social obligations despite the pandemic

June 5
Social sector

Social services will not be subject to streamlining. All obligations to Moscow residents will be fulfilled, Sergei Sobyanin said in his interview with Russia 24 television channel.

“The amounts at the moment will not be cut by a single kopeck, everything planned and guaranteed to Moscow dwellers will be executed in full. All benefits, all payments, including those in kind, will be made. This is first. Second: all our obligations in the social area — I mean doctors’, teachers’ and cultural workers’ wages — will also be paid in full,” noted the Moscow Mayor.

Moscow supports the medical workers, who are assisting COVID-19 patients round-the-clock. They are eligible to additional monthly payments. For example, doctors don’t have to pay for parking in the city and also won’t be charged if they live in some of the Moscow hotels.

The city has developed a single algorithm of support for risk group members who are self-isolating. They can get medicine, food and other essential goods delivered to them at home. Their requests are fulfilled by social workers plus volunteers. Moscow residents aged 65 and over as well as people suffering chronic diseases received a payment of 4,000-roubles.

The city is helping those who became unemployed because of the coronavirus. It established additional payments for them. Moreover, people in Moscow searching for a job can go to the My Job centre site and see if there are any vacancies. The same site also offers online occupational testing, career guidance, advice and assistance in launching a business as well as consultations by career experts.

The city has put child allowance up for children between three and seven in low-income families. School pupils and preschool children in families receiving support are also getting food packages. In response to requests from the families that needed additional equipment, schools supplied them with computers for remote tuition. Teachers received laptops and tablet computers for temporary use at home.


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