Moscow transport service hours during the holidays

December 30, 2020

Moscow’s transit system is set to carry 42.4 million passengers during the New Year and Russian Christmas season, that is, from 31 December through 8 January. Although the city has put off all public festivities, the metro and the MCC will operate all night on 1 January. This should help avoid overcrowding.

Metro, MCC to function non-stop

The Moscow Metro and the MCC will function non-stop in the early hours of 1 January.

People will be able to ride metro and MCC trains free from 8 pm 31 December through 6 am 1 January.

On the night of 7 January, Christmas in Russia, metro and MCC trains will run until 2 am.

Additional trains will operate on the MCD-1 and MCD-2 routes on New Year and Christmas Eve.

Late-hour surface transport

In all, 174 regular surface transport routes will operate in the early hours of 1 January, including 59 routes for 24 hours a day. And 100 other routes will run until 3:30 am. The schedule of 15 other routes remains the same.

Riders will be able to use 168 surface routes until 3 am on 8 January, during Orthodox Christmas celebrations. And 15 late-night routes will also be available.

MCD and commuter train routes to operate longer

The MCD-1 and MCD-2 routes will run longer on New Year and Russian Christmas Eve. Additional late-night trains will be in service from 31 December through 1 January and on 6-7 January. The last trains will leave MCD terminuses at about 2 am. Odintsovo will be the only exception, with the last train leaving the station for Lobnya at 3:50 am. The complete train schedule is posted on the Central Suburban Passenger Company’s website.

Commuter trains will run until 2 am on 1 January and 7 January. On 31 January, commuter trains will operate just like on weekdays. The complete train schedule is posted on the corporate website.

On 1-10 January, commuter trains will run just like on weekends.

Aeroexpress train schedules will remain unchanged.

Service centres

On 31 December, Moscow Transit service centres will close earlier, at 7 pm, and will remain closed on 1 and 7 January. On all other days of the holiday season, they will be open from 8 am through 8 pm.

Free parking

The city has also prepared a New Year surprise for local motorists who will be able to park their cars for free on 1-9 January. On 10 January, parking lots will function like every Sunday.

City residents and tourists will be able to rent 25,000 vehicles as part of Moscow’s car-share system, 24 hours a day.


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