Moscow to schedule the further relaxing of restrictions

June 15
Economy and entrepreneurship

Most coronavirus-related restrictions in Moscow will be lifted by the beginning of July, Sergei Sobyanin said on Rossiya 24 television channel.

According to the Mayor, the schedule for lifting the restrictions will be released next week, which will help businesses prepare to open their facilities and call their employees back. Businesses will be able to plan and soon return to the normal rhythm of life.

“We can provide this schedule for June, until 1 July. This means that today’s restrictions in Moscow can be lifted in phases until 1 July. Of course, this not only depends on our plans but on the developments around the coronavirus,” the Moscow Mayor said.

Heads of manufacturing and retail companies and usual people all comply with the sanitary rules and restrictions.

“I believe we will survive this schedule, and soon lift all the restrictions step-by-step and return to normal,” the Mayor added.

Today more than half of all retail businesses are open, and almost all Moscow shops will open next week.

“Today we see that about 55 percent of retail businesses are open. The rest are preparing to open. I think next week most shops will be open,” Sobyanin noted.

Two-thirds of household businesses, which were allowed to resume their work, are open.

According to the Moscow Mayor, if there were only visitors browsing on the first day, a gradual increase in sales materialised by the end of the week.

“After several days, we see a large recovery in sales at small and medium businesses that use cash registers. About 80 percent of the cash turnover from the same period last year has been restored,” the mayor said.

In addition to construction projects and industrial operations, trade and service enterprises, Moscow’s airports will be returning to full service, too.

“There are more flights, which means the load on hotels is increasing, too. We have begun to actively restore the city economy. I think these trends will simply continue during the weeks to come,” Sergei Sobyanin said adding that the situation would remain the same in the coming weeks.

Photo: Press Service of Moscow Mayor and the Moscow Government. Maxim Mishin

Moreover, starting 1 June people in Moscow can go out for a walk or exercise outdoors, but according to a special schedule. A pass is not required, but medical masks must be worn.

“Certain restrictions were placed on the walking schedule. And we have managed to prevent too many people in parks, gardens and on some streets – also thanks to the weather,” Sergei Sobyanin added.

The bike-share is available again, and weekend markets will open on 5 June. However, public events are still banned and cafes and restaurants are closed.

The high-alert regime was extended until 14 June. Passes to travel to offices are automatically extended until 14 June. No additional information is necessary for trips with the specified types of professional identity cards, including when using an alphanumeric code.

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