Moscow to open eight professional level ice arenas in the next two years

September 4
Construction and renovation

In the next few years, the city is to build eight large sport centres with ice arenas, according to Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Andrei Bochkaryov.

“The city is focusing on the development of sport facilities in residential areas and elsewhere. Our urban development policy will create a healthy and completely people-friendly environment for the life and leisure of Muscovites,” he noted.

Mr Bochkaryov added that these sport centres would accommodate both professionals and amateurs. The equipment will completely meet professional standards.

The indoor skating rink at the Olympic Village facility has opened at 80 Michurinsky Prospekt. The new building has enough room for 500 athletes. The main arena seats 284 spectators. The facility includes an additional skating rink, two gyms and a class-room for theoretical studies.

The following three sport facilities are to open in 2020-2022:

— A sport facility with a skating rink for the Moscow Sport Committee’s Physical Fitness Sport Society Moscow Hockey on Krasnogo Mayaka Street;

— The Sambo-70 Sport and Education Centre’s Ice Palace at the intersection of Novoyasenevsky Prospekt, Yasnogorskaya and Tarusskaya streets;

— A sport facility with an indoor skating rink, a swimming pool, an extreme sports park and a street workout zone in Nekrasovka.

Investors will finance the construction of five more facilities in 2020-2022:

— An ice palace on Aviatorov Street;

— The Kristall Ice Palace on Luzhniki Street;

— An ice facility in Nekrasovka;

— The Snegir (Bullfinch) Training Centre in Marushkino Village;

— An ice palace near Orlovo village.

Since 2011, the city has built over 120 sport facilities under the Moscow Sport state programme, including four that have opened since early 2020.


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