Moscow to host over 270 big events during New Year holidays

December 21, 2019

Moscow will host over 270 big events during the New Year and Christmas holidays. Muscovites and guests are welcome to central and district Journey to Christmas venues, parks, libraries, culture centres and other city facilities.

The organizational issues of festive events have been discussed at the meeting of the  Moscow Government Presidium.

Tverskaya Street is to offer the biggest New Year's programme.  For the first time, the festivities will last six days, from 31 December till 5 January.

Journey to Christmas festival is running at 81 venues from 13 December 2019 till 12 January 2020. Take part in 8,500 master classes and attend over 1,500 concerts and theatrical performances.

Moscow festive grounds are ready to welcome about 10 million guests.

Children's Christmas Tree parties

During the winter school holidays, there will be more than 250 big Christmas Tree parties held in Moscow, with about one million young Muscovites expected.

30,000 Moscow children are invited to attend the Kremlin Christmas Tree Party.

Gostiny Dvor will traditionally host the Mayor's Christmas Tree Party. 25 December 2019 till 7 January 2020, 28 performances are expected to be attended by 53,200 people, including children from multi-child and low-income families, orphans, children with disabilities residing in boarding schools, excellent students, winners of Moscow Olympiads, contests, and sports competitions.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

Charity events

On 19, 24 and 27 December, the Mayor's Christmas Tree Party will take place at St. Vladimir's Hospital, Morozov and Filatov hospitals, with over 2,000 Christmas gifts prepared for little patients.

Muscovites will be able to make cherished dreams of children with disabilities and serious diseases come true by joining the traditional campaign 'Grant a Wish' running from 18 November till 30 December.

Teplo (Warmth) Charity Festival of Moscow schools will bring together students and teachers of Moscow art schools for the third time. 13 December 2019 till 16 January 2020, they visit hospices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres with Christmas concerts. The festival is supported by charitable foundations. This season will offer about 10 concerts. 3 to 8 January 2020, St. Vladimir's Hospital, Morozov and Filatov hospitals will host crafts workshops and mini-performances.

Besides, 16 till 27 December 2019, festive events will take place in another nine Moscow hospitals, with over 6,000 young patients expected to join the festivities.

Welcoming New 2020 Year

Muscovites are invited to welcome the New Year in Tverskaya Street, 81 Journey to Christmas venues, 14 district venues and 27 parks around Moscow.

Over 200 pop stars (Polina Gagarina, Kristina Orbakaite, Olga Kormukhina, Dmitry Malikov, Alexander Buinov, Diana Gurtskaya, Yegor Krid, Feduk, Mot, Diskoteka Avaria and others), as well as over a thousand performance teams and animation groups will offer their shows at district venues and parks. There will be 56 theatrical performances, too. In total, the festive concert programme is to last about 400 hours.

30 launch points, 11 high-rise and 19 park ones, have been arranged for the festive New Year fireworks.

New Year holidays

From mid-December to late January, about 2,000 festive events will take place in Moscow culture centres, cinemas, libraries, theatres, concert halls and museums.

During school holidays, 81 Moscow museums and exhibition halls will offer traditional free admission, with 190 festive events arranged.

52 Christmas Tree parties will take place in 36 libraries. 2 to 6 January, libraries will host 650 festive events, with daily programme including master classes, contests and gifts.

During New Year holidays, 149 culture centres invite Muscovites and guests to attend 600 events.

1 to 8 January 2020, 13 Moskino city cinemas will offer free screenings for school and pre-school children.

23 December 2019 till 12 January 2020, join the festivities at 81 theatres, 17 concert halls, and the Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadskogo Prospekt. 545,000 people are expected to attend 307 events


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