Moscow team takes first place in the blitz contest of the 5th Olympiad of Metropolises

December 23, 2020

The Moscow team took first place in the cross-subject team blitz contest at the 5th Olympiad of Metropolises. Moscow school pupils scored 69 points out of 80. Teams from Bucharest, Zagreb, Hanoi, Hong Kong and Singapore were also among the winners. Over 30 teams from all over the world took part in the contest.

The Blitz contest is just the first stage of the Olympiad. The organisers call it an intellectual warmup before the main competitions. For two hours the teams simultaneously solved problems in mathematics, informatics, chemistry and physics sent by the participating cities. The problems’ complexity corresponded to that of the final school exam questions in the various countries. All the teams were posed the questions in English only. They had to answer 80 questions, 20 in each subject. The answers were checked automatically.

The blitz contest results are not included in the overall score. The main stage of the contest is held in two rounds. In physics and chemistry, the school pupils have to solve theoretic problems and carry out practical tasks. In mathematics and informatics, both rounds involve solving problems. The problems correspond to the level and format of that is customary for the international Olympiads.

According to Director of the Centre for Teacher Excellence Ivan Yashchenko, the participants engaged in a serious struggle this year.

“Of course, we are very proud of Moscow’s results, however we just cannot fail to note the strength of the competitors. The gap between the three leaders as well as the other teams was minimal – not more than a few points. It shows that really well-prepared and talented children perform at the Olympiad. Currently, the main rounds are being conducted and the teams still have an opportunity to show their worth. The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on 22 December,” said Yashchenko.

The Olympiad of Metropolises has been held at the Moscow Mayor’s initiative since 2016. The Moscow, St Petersburg and Shanghai teams won the team event last year. In total, teams of school pupils  from 45 cities in 32 countries took part in the 2019 competitions.

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