Moscow Spinal Centre acclaimed by AOSpine, a top-rank international professional association

June 6

Moscow Spinal Centre of Vorokhobov Clinical Hospital No. 67 is now a reference centre of AOSpine, an international community of spinal surgeons. This is the first Moscow healthcare institution to get this status.

"The AOSpine Association includes centres with unique spine therapy technologies that are actively engaged in sharing experience and training specialists around the world. We really have a lot to share, as our centre boasts a high-level team of professionals, our achievements and approaches to spine therapy we employ are in demand both in Russia and abroad," said Dmitry Dzukayev, Head of the Moscow Spinal Centre.

Sharing experience

AOSpine is part of AO Foundation, a non-profit organisation established by a group of Swiss surgeons in 1958.

The key objectives of the leading international spinal surgeons' community is knowledge-sharing, research and improvement of new treatment methods. Today the Association has about 8,000 top-ranked surgeons, scientists and other spinal surgery experts.

AOSpine history in Russia dates back to 2009, when it was decided to establish a regional AOSpine division in Russia.

Operations of any complexity

The Moscow Spinal Centre focuses on degenerative diseases and acute spinal injuries. There is an operating theatre built with the use of state-of-the-art model technologies based on experience of the world's best clinics.

The equipment allows performing high-tech operations of any level of complexity, such as robotic, reconstructive, minimally invasive and others.

The centre's specialists perform up to a thousand high-tech operations every year, including those of the highest complexity. Moscow spinal surgeons share their experience with colleagues on an ongoing basis. In recent years, delegations from Singapore, Germany, Israel and Switzerland have visited the Moscow Spinal Centre.


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