Moscow schoolteachers get virtual simulator

November 12, 2020

Experts at the Moscow Centre for Human Potential Development in Education have created a virtual simulator for schoolteachers, Success for Every Child. This unique device has no peers in the world.

The simulator can choose from over 130 scenarios and situations based on real school situations. By fulfilling the task, teachers can decide which skills they need to develop most. The diagrams show the pupil’s emotions, so that the teachers can analyse their reaction to words and actions. The simulator will be of great practical use for both future and qualified teachers.

“The simulator is designed to choose case tasks individually. The simulation of pupils’ emotional response and behaviour correspond to the psychological characteristics and behavioural regularities of real life children. Teachers can analyse their influence on children’s development and learn new effective methods of interacting with them without risking any negative consequences for their real life pupils. This software allows schoolteachers to use a variety of teaching styles so as to see which of them will be the most useful for real life pupils,” explained Alexei Rytov, director of the Moscow Centre for Human Potential Development in Education.

The Success for Every Child simulator is available on the centre’s website after registration. Later schoolteachers will also have access to the second, more complicated level where they can choose a tutor for online training.

The virtual simulator for teachers is a variety of the centre’s Simulator for Managers, which over 3,000 headmistresses and headmasters are using in Moscow and other Russian cities.

The Moscow Centre for Human Potential Development in Education is designed for the heads of schools and their deputies. It offers its own career enhancement, training and diagnosis courses for school managers.


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